Saturday, 30 April 2011

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This is an introduction to Stargay: Atlantis, for a friend of ours who was, until this evening, unfamiliar with slash. I know. I didn't realise those people still existed, either.

So, in the name of all things slashy, this is our mini-guide to SG:A season one/two-ish.

This is Atlantis. It is a flying city, created by a type of Ancient Alien Superbeings who spawned the human race, and conveniently, every other friendly race in two galaxies (except the Asgard) and liked planets that look suspiciously like Western Canada.

The Expedition )

In part 2: Why is that dude wearing green? What the fuck is a ZPM? And things called Wraiths that can suck the life out of you with their hands; what the hell is that?


Saturday, 30 April 2011 11:26 pm
rosiedoes: (Atlantis: City)
Okay, so I'm frantically looking for the old SGA fanvids we used to love. I've found the amazing [ profile] skroberts' Mad World in my Gmail (♥) but I would still really love to find copies of these ones:

- Johnny Feelgood
- Wicked Game (the original McShep one)
- Running Up That Hill (the Placebo cover of the Kate Bush song)
- Falling For the First Time
- Here's to the Little Guys (a vid about all the secondaries in the series)
- Collide (by [ profile] tiranog - I don't remember this one, but Julie does)

We've also just found some fucking ridiculous conversations we once had in which we named Joseph May "Squishpuppet" and "He Of The Face So Gay There Are Eight Colours In His Pride Rainbow."

Boyan, on the other hand, was "An Argyle Cardigan. For Rock Climbing In."

There may also have been a conversation about how the Serbian Orthodox Church was essentially a Bloody Mary cocktail.

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