Monday, 16 May 2011

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Sometimes, I think my affectionate mocking of Joe May overshadows exactly how awesome this guy is. He doesn't get nearly as much credit as he deserves for being hilarious, but he also rarely gets to really show his chops as a serious actor.

A couple of years ago, my friend CJ (who shares mine and Julie's fondness for Joe) created the short film Last Flowers, in which Joe plays a guy called Harvey Harris, a struggling writer who writes obituaries to make ends meet between the rejection letters from publishers and begins to go to the funerals of the people he writes about in an attempt to resolve his own issues.

The film and Joe were both nominated for Leo Awards for this, and you can totally see why.

The trailer for the film is below. You can watch the rest at

I know there are a few other things coming up (Brits, you've probably seen him most recently as Andy Button, the casting director on Episodes, or as Canadian George on Holby City) and I'm really pleased for him on that front, but he is genuinely one of the most under-appreciated actors I know of - even if his facial expressions make it nearly impossible to get a screencap of him that isn't ridiculous.

My friend Ruth (she's on LJ, but I won't give her name here) mentioned how she has a sisterly affection for an actor she runs a site for, and that totally sums it up. This is not a guy I fancy; that is so far from the point it's, travelled the full circumference (no pun intended) of the globe and is now standing right behind it. I've been following this guy's career on and off since I was maybe fifteen and he was on Casualty (it was a lot harder before IMDb), and I just really want to see him and his silly face do well.

Watch the film. Tell me what you think. ♥

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