Saturday, 23 July 2011


Saturday, 23 July 2011 07:50 pm
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Caleb has a heavily locked-down Facebook. He doens't even have his own picture on the profile.

Today, he added a fan - a dude around his own age, from Brazil.

But the thing is, this dude fanboys with the best of them, and talked about it on Tumblr. Now all the fangirls are asking for links to his profile and flailing and trying to get added.

I have already seen one screencap of his profile (nothing massively personal on it, but still) and people are talking about stalking his personal photos.

I cannot headdesk hard enough, right now.

The guy keeps himself private. Very private. He clearly does not want his stuff posted all over the internet and he almost certainly does not want millions handfuls of fangirls trying to talk to him any time he's online.

If you're going to add the kid, add his MySpace, which is open to the public and is regularly updated with his new songs.

Leave the boy some privacy. Don't repost his photos. Don't repost his comments. Don't repost things his friends and family say to him. He's young and he's very new at this. Don't scare him away from his fandom before he even understands it.

But if you have the opportunity, a one-off suggestion that he gets a Twitter account, where he can manage the communication himself, may not go amiss.

Edit: Boom! There are the personal photos which have almost certainly come from his Facebook - posted by someone other than the Brazilian guy. Sounds like he's added a handful of others, too.

*sigh* Steep learning curve, you say?

Edit 2: Someone just said she has "about 20" pictures from his Facebook to post. She has already posted maybe five. This is really not good.

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