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I just said most of this to [ profile] coricomile, [ profile] supercasio and [ profile] doctor_denmark one way or another, so I figure I may as well say it here, too...

I think the thing to remember is that this is Pete. Pete has been doing shit like this for years and after every album, people have been sure they were on the verge of breaking up.

People are bugging them within a few months of clocking off for what they perceived as a lengthy holiday, it's hardly surprising that he can't imagine coming back yet. When you go home for the holidays are you thinking about going back to school or work? Hell, no! You're thinking how much time you get to spend with your family, your bed and doing all the stuff you can't do the rest of the time.

They have been being Fall Out Boy for the better part of the last decade. Even when they last had a break, it was continually interrupted by shows and publicity. Pete'll get bored soon enough and will probably be bugging them to work on the next album, in a couple of weeks. Frankly, he's probably just feeling emo and neglected right now because Andy and Joe are in a band that is being taken seriously (something it's worth noting that FOB haven't entirely achieved, of late), and Patrick is always busy hanging out with his new best friend, Home Studio.

Part of me thinks that maybe, after years of the band saying, "We'd be nothing without Pete, we can't do this without Pete," their forrays into actually, y'know: doing things without Pete has spooked him and wounded him a little bit. Even Patrick - the shy, introverted, self-conscious little kid they made to sing - is doing an album by himself and starting out in the industry on his own merit. That must be hugely jarring (and awesome, from a friend's perspective, but scary and jarring none the less). Is it any wonder he feels like they've grown apart and that he's unsure of his place in the band, now?

All the fans harrassing them for times and answers is just going to result in ill-thought-out comments (like this one) and snap decisions that people will regret.

Leave them to it and if coming back is right for them, that's what they'll do. If it's not, then give them the chance to come to that realisation through their personal growth and consideration, and on their own terms.

As much as the fans like to think differently, we don't own them, they're not our toys (even if we borrow the concept of them for fic, at times). When they're ready, they'll make their choice - but nothing that has been said in the last twenty-four hours is an announcement of any great finality. Keep Calm & Carry On.
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Ages ago, [ profile] kenix was taking commissions between professional work, and I asked him to draw my favourite band for me. I gathered a bunch of pics for reference (along with a couple of probably fairly hilarious pointers for someone not as familiar with the band as many people on this LJ are) and he created the awesome piece of art below.

Larger )

This was all way, way before I got to know Andy and before Andy knew who Jamie was. It's all kind of a surreal fluke, really, because one of my first interactions with Andy was him fanboying over Jamie.

Regardless of any of that, what I've been left with is a fucking awesome pic of some awesome dudes by a genuinely great artist. Every time I look at it, I feel like I notice something else in the detail.

The guys I work with totally fangirled about it, too.

The Geeks shall inherit the Earth.

Catch me if you can...

Thursday, 6 August 2009 10:32 pm
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Well, bugger me sideways.

The video is actually better than the song! This is both shocking (because, y'know: track record=not good) and not (because, y'know: I fucking loathe that track).

I felt that old rush of love I used to feel a few years ago, and slightly fangirly in a way I haven't since before Hurley broke the fourth wall and started trying to get me to introduce him to people I've known for ages. :|

Patrick, who shall henceforth be known as the Bird Man of Boatcatraz, is precious. We knew this, I understand, but he has made sure that we are aware that he's still on his game. Also: still ageing backwards. By the time the next album comes out, the fourteen year olds asking him to marry them are going to be going on the paedo register.

But. But. The giggle - the genuine giggle that you couldn't have scripted, you guys! So precious! Patrick Stump will always over produce your record SAVE THE DAY. For serious.

Okay. All excited out, now, need to lie down. Too old for this shit.

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Saturday, 18 July 2009 12:27 am
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So, for me, fishing those things out of the water just says reclaiming what they had.

Call me crazy...

You don't pick up what you're leaving behind.


Monday, 16 March 2009 11:56 am
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Is anyone else just... really kind of embarrassed for 50 Cent?

He's replacing METRO STATION on a bill supporting Fall Out Boy. Obviously, I love FOB, but on a scale of how successful that dude seems to see himself and what level of credibility this support spot has... just... Oh dear.

Aren't even Cobra Starship above him on the bill?


Tuesday, 10 March 2009 06:21 pm
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Jasmine (next to Pete in the leggings) looks better than anyone else in this pic! Hahaha.

Joe looks like someone shrank him... and I'm glad they don't do massive, high-res pics anymore because that could be a hideous pic of me.

Lib - do you have the pics we took in the queue?
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Well, fuck.


Today was so awesomely weird (and weirdly awesome) I can barely articulate it. So, I will leave you with this: FUCK.


Sunday, 8 March 2009 12:39 pm
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Sitting outside the venue. Been here since 9.30am.

Wearing two pairs of socks, a pair of tights, a pair of jeans, a vest top, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a scarf, a coat, it's sunny and I'm still cold.

Apparently it's AJ's birthday today; happy birthday, man. Bet you're forfeiting your constitutional right to "bare arms" today...

Jasmine and I have M&G later - we're nervous we'll lose the others and not get to the barrier but it was kind of insisted... feels kind of weird to be honest. Still, we're armed with Skittles... seems only fair.

It is really fucking hard to type on a sidekick when your fingers are stiff and the website is not suited to the gadget.

Also, Matte almost died choking on a drink.

You are all homos.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009 06:27 pm
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[ profile] icedmaple (18:22:11): I'm 99% sure Elisa's sister is in the Far East with them
[ profile] likethepaint (18:22:20): Oh right
[ profile] icedmaple (18:22:27): She's with Kadaver in the video
[ profile] likethepaint (18:25:20): Ah
[ profile] likethepaint (18:25:35): That'd explain why she looked so damn familiar but I couldn't place her
[ profile] icedmaple (18:25:46): That video is so gay
[ profile] icedmaple (18:25:52): JOE STOP HUMPING ANDY
[ profile] likethepaint (18:25:55): haha
[ profile] icedmaple (18:26:03): I love how he's doing that and Patrick comes in and breaks it up
[ profile] likethepaint (18:26:14): I was like "wait, really, really. Okay you are totally going for it, aren't you
[ profile] likethepaint (18:26:27): Forget gay of the week, it's turned into gay of the hour or somethig
[ profile] icedmaple (18:26:38): I think it's just turned into Gay

Fall Out Boy - Japan Update 2 - Believers Never Die Part Deux from clandestine on Vimeo.
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I've Q&A'd and blogged about this issue before, and at one point I was helping run a campaign to get stuff changed - but the girl behind it basically seems to have given up, which was an inevitable shame.

The biggest problem is the running of the OCK as a whole. You (collective 'you' - band, management, label - whoever) should never have handed this over to Artist Arena. They run the OCK as a business, and we end up with absolutely insulting situations like the sale of M&G or EE passes and the epic failure that is the tiered system.

tl;dr )


Thursday, 15 January 2009 04:37 pm
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You know, I get that Decaydance is a business and all, but I'm kind of sick of seeing Pete use Fall Out Boy as a free advertising platform.

The new tour line up:

Fall Out Boy
Cobra Starship
Metro Station
All Time Low
Hey Monday

Ugh. I'm obviously not going to this tour (although the UK Tour is still a possibility and I doubt the line-up will change much) it's just... why do we need five bands on a tour, for starters? I'd rather have just have one support - two max - and then get a decent length set from each and not have to stand for so long.

Why do more than half have to be shitty bands on Decaydance that Pete is trying to convince everyone that we must like so we can make him money? Especially when all three bands are shit.

I'm really sick of seeing Hey Monday forced down our throats and his using the FOBR journals to promote them. His own blogs, that's fine - they're independent (even if it is still annoying) - but really. Hey Monday are a poor-man's Paramore (and no, I'm sorry - that isn't a compliment, I don't care what you claim in interviews, HM. Being a cheap rip-off of someone else is never a good thing). Most of the bands he pimps incessantly also suck. I've sat through ATL at Cobra shows - and left during their set every time because they were shit. It's actually quite funny to see them go from headlining above Cobra to being two bands below them.

Also, this may be controversial, but do they really believe, at this stage, that they can follow as high-energy and infectious a band as Cobra, without being, ultimately, an anti-climax? Not because FOB are a bad live band- I wouldn't have seen them so many times if I thought they were, would I? - but because Cobra shows are a party. Everyone is really into it. And after them, without a buffer of other bands in between, the energy is going to change so severely that it won't be quite right.

I saw Cobra supporting FOB as middle support last year; it was the first time I'd ever seen them and they blew me away. Now that I know the band and know their songs, I honestly don't know if a FOB set immediately after would have the same impact as if another band had been supporting them. The bands are just too different in how they manage the crowd.

Even though FOB are my favourite Bandom band, of that line-up, I know I would enjoy the Cobra set the most and I know that all my gig-going friends are pretty much in the same boat.

But yeah; I wonder if Island have realised that they're basically funding Decaydance's tour schedule.


Wednesday, 7 January 2009 02:11 pm
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Oh, bandom. I'm facepalming so hard at you right now.

This bullshit is going to do nothing except - if it gets any acknowledgement whatsoever - make Fall Out Boy fans look like bigger tossers than we're already taken for and result in the gosshit mongers claiming that Pete is getting his fans to start a vendetta against the magazine because he doesn't like how he's portrayed.

He is the one who will get more shit for the fans' behaviour and made to look like even more of a villain. Smart. That's totally going to help and make him want to come back to the internet, isn't it?

Grow up.

If this article is taken so far out of context, how come it's largely things they've said before and didn't complain about then? Patrick probably leaves the band on a weekly basis when he throws a tantrum. Andy is ridiculously obsessed with the Packers and has a huge temper; he's not nuts (well, alright - maybe a little bit, in a lovable way), but I don't think it was ever meant to be taken that seriously. Pete wasn't portrayed all that badly, really - no worse than in any other article and especially not in his interaction with Ashlee; that was adorable - and Joe has ALWAYS been this little emo thing. Go read his ancient teenage posts where he wants to Nair his face and complains that nobody wants to date him because he's too nice. He's always been adorably neurotic. I do feel really bad for him that he apparently feels that way about the band - the comments on should be evidence enough that we think he's amazing - and I've been saying he was getting a raw deal for nearly two years. But maybe this, if nothing else, will hold up that mirror that says, "Yeah, okay - maybe we need to take a look at how we do things around here." If AP is anything to go by, Joe and Patrick have already had that conversation and are working on it.

The kid deserves more credit and more of a chance to be involved, end of story.

Is it the best article ever written? No. Is writing to KANYE FUCKING WEST going to help? No. It's going to make you, me, Pete and everyone else look like a complete prat.

Just chill out. Pete is sulking; he'll be back. He always is. John Mayer is probably cuddling him as we speak.

Seriously. UNNECESSARY DRAMZ. Pls to be stopping nao.


Wednesday, 7 January 2009 03:30 am
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Talking with Hurley, you get the impression that he’s completely content to play the drums and go home to his Boca Burgers and Alan Moore comics. Joe Trohman, on the other hand, wants to do more. “I do feel left out a lot,” the guitarist says. At 24, he’s the youngest of the Fall Out boys, and he plays the role of kid brother well—splurging on old Nintendo games and $500 Storm Trooper figurines, finding funny YouTube videos for the guys to watch (latest favorite: “Chimpanzee Riding a Segway”). If Fall Out Boy were the Ninja Turtles, Wentz would be Leonardo, Stump would be Donatello, Hurley would be Raphael, and Trohman, all agree, would be Michelangelo—the “party dude.” “Joe is a free spirit,” Stump says. “He’s kind of just off in Joe Land, which is an awesome place to be.”

To hear Trohman tell it, though, Joe Land isn’t always so awesome. “It does get frustrating, not being able to contribute,” Trohman says. “I mean, to be labeled a background guy, someone who’s just along for the ride—it’s hard. I started Fall Out Boy, you know?” He wrote a few songs for the new album, but they were all cut at the last minute. “It’s kind of a bummer, to work so hard and have it come to nothing. I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing anyone, or I’m ungrateful,” he stresses. “Because I’m very happy to be a part of all this. I’m afraid the guys are gonna read this and wish I’d talked to them first—which maybe I should have. But sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m even in the band.”

-- Blender

The next line after Joe's statement is, "Pete Wentz doesn’t Google himself anymore."

On [ profile] truefobinglove of the first four comments, mine is the only one which references the fact that Joe feels completely underappreciated and superfluous in his own band.

That poor kid. I just want to hug him, right now. I mean, I always do, and this is generally pretty much the reason - because I've been saying since IOH came out, more or less, that it seemed like consciously or not, he was being pushed out of his own band, and how shitty that must feel.

I just really hate to see people proving the exact point right there.

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Thursday, 18 December 2008 05:29 pm
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Aww. K!TV is showing 'Total Fall Out Boy' - which is a bunch of their videos for half an hour, basically, and it played Sixteen Candles and now it's on GTA and I haven't watched either in months, so it's all nostalgic and... I miss this so bad.

Look at their stupid little faces...

Joe with short hair... Andy with brushed hair... Patrick with facial hair... Pete with man's hair.

Ouch. Epic contrast: Beat It just came on.
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The (Shipped) Gold Standard

Lyrics in full - spoilers, obviously. )

Yes, this definitely smacks of Joe to me.

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Sunday, 7 December 2008 04:11 pm
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Does anyone else hear The (Shipped) Gold Standard and think of Joe?

And (Coffee is For Closers) smacks of Andy.

(Possibly spoilers in comments, obv.)

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008 02:43 pm
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£27.50 for the FOB show in Brighton? Seriously?

That's ridiculous.

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Friday, 28 November 2008 12:55 pm
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Okay, this is hilarious. A is my house. B is the venue of the Brighton FOB show in March.


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