Friday, 6 January 2012

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This is unacceptable.

See also the line, "Everyone thought Michael was the violent one. One crazy ex who filed false charges against him and of course the whole "He's Irish, he drinks, of course he'd get violent" argument." Because all Irish men are alcoholics. Obviously. That's in no way akin to racism, although suggesting that other ethnic groups may have a penchant for fucking (delicious) fried chicken would cause an outrage due to racial stereotyping.

One of the reviews on the post also says, "I think it's totally plausible. I mean, there's mischief in James's eyes most of the time. So why not?"

Hang on, let me get this straight: you're actually saying that you believe James McAvoy is personally capable of beating up his partner? You actually think that? Even as someone you presumably like and respect, and whether it were true or not, you believe he is capable of that level of violence and cruelty. And you're a fan of that man. And you think that mischief is the same as domestic abuse. Right.

Let me make something fucking clear: DOMESTIC ABUSE IS NOT OKAY. IT IS NEVER OKAY, EVEN IF YOUR PARTNER THINKS, 'I CAN HANDLE IT'. EVEN IF YOU SAY 'SORRY' OR THINK THAT THEY MADE YOU DO IT. And if you think it is, come and say that to my face, so I can cave yours in for you - then we'll see how much you favour violence.

Now, I'm not anti-RPS - in certain fandoms I've written it myself, and sometimes I appreciate that fans want to address darker subjects - but this is just full of fuck you. It's not a character study, it's not a story addressing the issue sensitively or demonstrating that domestic abuse is unacceptable - it is essentially saying, "It's fine, he doesn't mind." And for that, I hope the author - and the community moderator, who just told Julie she sees nothing wrong with the fic, chokes on a pickaxe. 

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