Saturday, 17 January 2009 12:13 pm
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Dan got a blog!

I love this kid. He is clearly a man after my own heart.
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Earlier on today, JoeTroh made the following post on his Buzznet. Now, I'm sure that nobody on my flist feels the way the people he's talking about do (and if you do, I don't want you here) but I want everyone to read this, especially if you're in America, or more importantly California.

a bunch of grade A bigots...

So, I was doing what could only be considered as a virtual leafing through a website I peer at from time to time, and came upon an FOB related post. It had to do with something we strongly believe in, supporting the right to same sex marriage. Though there was plenty of positivity throughout the thread, I noticed a high volume of negativity on a 10 to 1 scale. Or maybe it seemed that severe due to how much it bummed me out.

Now, I expect the hateful remarks and a close minded attitude when it comes to social and political topics. These ones particularly make me feel sick and think "Just how far have we come?", but I know it's just a matter of time before those comments come to life. The exceptionally moronic ones are usually not worth paying real attention to, as the more attention brought to those, the more power those people wield in the end. What actually bothered me more were the questions/comments such as "Why support this lackluster cause? It's a waste of time". Not only did the uninformed nature of these comments bother me, but it was this different sort of apathetic close mindedness that I felt warranted me to write a little.

At the end of the day, whether you're the ultra bohemian who believes marriage is an institution constructed by "the man" to bog us down, or you're just the number one homophobe on the block (aka the major fuck head), try to put yourselves in the shoes of those who are truly in love, and would like to honor that with marriage, but legally can not. Now, whether or not you feel marriage makes a difference, just the fact that people in same sex relationships do not have the basic right to choose whether to get married or not is unjust. It is truly criminal, and a violation of a relatively basic human right. You don't have to be the most open minded person in the world know the error in violating the rights and freedoms of fellow human beings. Or maybe you do, and if that's the case, we're in really deep shit.

You can research CA prop 8, and you can look at this as human beings being denied the right to have basic freedoms. We are a country built on just the opposite. Voting for the ban would be a step back for everyone in my opinion. I feel we, as the new generation, have the ability to make a positive change in more ways than one, and here's a pretty amazing place to start.

Posted by theoneandonlyjoetrohman on 10/06/2008 12:37 AM Brownie: 8

[the post]

I feel we, as the new generation, have the ability to make a positive change in more ways than one, and here's a pretty amazing place to start. - Never forget this statement, because we are that generation, and if we don't do as Joe suggests, and instigate the change - who will?

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Saturday, 12 July 2008 07:09 pm
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Pete's new blog, right?

welcome to the new administration

we have something planned for the middle of august… 60—- .

keep listening. keep singing to all of it. there are some great ideas and songs out there right now.

every good and bad idea has to start somewhere.

60 days is two months. Two months from mid-August is mid-October. Mid-October they're playing in Europe.

I call Record Attempt v2.0.

Fuck Space.

Thursday, 15 May 2008 09:42 pm
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Fun With Arthropods

The largest arthropod known to have ever lived (in mass) was a species of sea scorpion that measured over 6 feet in length. Entirely honest, I'm not that impressed. Sure it's big and fat, but 6 feet's not THAT big. For me, I'd say go to the aquarium in Osaka where not only the have a whale shark (holy crap) but they have a tank of giant Japanese spider crabs. The giant Japanese spider crap has ridiculously long legs and an adult has a roughly 3 to4 foot body. In captivity the largest legspan recorded was in the ballpark of 7 feet, but in the wild they've been observed to grow as large as 12 feet from leg to leg. Crab. A 12 foot crab. That's alive. Right now. On Earth. See? Fuck space, there's some crazy stuff right here at home. If your home is coastal Japan. Which means you probably get to take the bullet train, eat Pepper Lunch, and watch Hayao Miyasaki movies and thus I envy you.




I want to make a joke about Patrick's fuck space, but there are just too many to choose from. Instead, I'll recycle the one I just used on [ profile] jedi_iwakura and point out that rumour has it, Gabe's fuck space does have crabs.

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Saturday, 19 April 2008 12:15 pm
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Haha. Wow. Pete has started deleting comments on his Meelikey AND his Buzznet.

He's working really hard at douchedom right now, apparently.

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Monday, 14 April 2008 12:46 pm
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Just when it felt a little bit like I was losing faith in this band (I'm sorry, as much as I adore Joe, promoting drug use does not wash with me), Patrick has to go and be all cute again, and save me from that sorry fate:

April 13, 2008 – News is fun

So first and foremost: the Cab’s debut record comes out on April 29th. I guess my title is “Executive Producer” on that record…basically I wasn’t day to day producer but I worked really hard on like 4 or 5 songs. The rest was done by Matt Squire and really the band themselves who are quite talented gents. So by April 29th when it comes out I will be 24, officially on year left for some celebrity magazine to put me in one of those “Most Talented Stars Under 25” lists. Huh? What do you think? Ah, that’s okay. Handling rejection might as well be my middle name.

Tyga’s record is done and I’m not sure of its release date but I’m quite proud of it. I did the beats for 4 tracks on that one as well. Keep your ears to the ground for that.

Gym Class Heroes is still going, feels great. I love that record I must say. Travis is doing some really interesting stuff.

I may have some special media posts coming up in the next few weeks so check back here periodically. I may have some fun exclusive junk…or maybe it won’t be exclusive, who knows. But it’ll be junk for sure.

I’m also still working on my short film tentatively title the Moustachette about an arrogant wannabe artist and his working stiff best friend and their acceptance or total lack of acceptance of where they are in life. The script is done, my step brother and I are scouting locations and finishing casting. I’m very excited about it guys, so when you see it go easy on me. Haha

And the biggest news of all time (for little old me anyhow): I finally after years of working towards it, have my drumset. It’s been my dream since I was a little tike to have a real nice drumset with a black beauty snare and a place to play said drumset. Well, it all fell into place. Expect me to brag about my mild skill in the near future. I believe I’m what they call “Par”. Toto beats, here I come.


Ilu, Patty Cake,

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Sunday, 16 March 2008 09:44 pm
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From Travie's blog:

SO, it’s saturday, and I feel amazing. I’m coming around. It’s up and down. Up and down. Finishing vocals on the new GCH record next week, couldn’t be more excited. I woke up last night to a room on fire, I won’t get into details but it was some scary shit. No one was harmed and it’s laughable now but I thought I was gonna die. Tyga video shoot tomorrow, should be interesting. At this point I currently: Miss NYC, Want a Chic Patty, Am listening to 90’s R&B courtesy Laila, trying to keep Hemmy from drooling on me and wishing my feet weren’t so cold.


That would be his side of the story of Pete's making shit while resisting sleep medication.

And Pete's French blog? I joked that it was Travie, but SRSLY.

But on another note, aw, Trav. I'm glad you're getting better, kid.

Edit: Wait. This is Travie sober?

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!! from Travie McCoy on Vimeo.


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Monday, 3 March 2008 12:25 pm
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the greatest thing about the realization that so many people love to hate you is the moment you step beyond the paranoia and junior high school insecurity- when you realize that it is truly liberating. you can think whatever you want or do whatever you do because people hate you beyond clicking an anonymous submit button.
--- Pete Wentz

Yeah, welcome to the party, sugar tits.

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Sunday, 10 February 2008 01:13 am
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So, um. *ahem* After the incident where someone linked Joe to Hedonism, we get this:

It always starts..
To hurt when you stick things up there. I'm starting a fresh day some new typings. I've been told my eight finger technique was so good that I had to bring my real life/cyber real flavor back to these very streets, . For those who believed in my skills, who had been there when I slayed 75 Great Whites in typershark, leading the scuba diver to the treasure every time, I commend you. For the rest of you, you know where to fuck off to. You know what to shove and where to shove it. And for knowing, I think I can finally accept your sincerest apologies. Thank You.

Movies, movies, movies. Where are all the good movies? They're bound for the Academy Awards, or as some might call them, cancelled. But I find myself geared towards movies of a different calibre. Here are my "favorite" movies, and how they completley changed my life, FOREVER.

Cloverfield - Even though writer Drew Goddard didn't seem very comfortable admitting what he had once said, that he can sych up 'infinity on high' with 'cloverfield', I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit I threw up during that film. And not just because the
monster had inflating/deflating testicles on the side of his head, or that the acting was soooooo fucking amazing.

Rambo - Maybe America is falling into the shitter faster than the aftermath of an Arby's 5 for 5 deal, but Rambo still knows how to take American values, shove them right up the Burmese military's collective ass and rip out a bloody, yet beautiful, American flag every time. There were at least 3 crying babies in the theater with me. More babies NEED to see this movie. And more people forget what it feels like to have the surge of America throb in the palm of their hands, and only Stallone has the necessary equipment to make it possible.

Puppies Are Cute: A Special Message to Danielle - I love indie flicks. This is a movie that really documents the ability one has to profess an undying love for a complete stranger (via MySpace), and not skip a beat. Hey there Sundance and Cannes, where in the wide world of fuck were you on this one? Click the link:

Yours Truly,
This Guy


*does not know where to look*

That post did not take him the four hours he was logged in to write.
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i have so much i wato share but currently i am falling apart due to somethings outside of your ability to care. so dont abut it. im no whining just wanted to keep you informed. more if we make it through.

I kind of get a little bit annoyed with Pete when he does this to us. He's not 'keeping us informed' he's worrying people, and I don't believe that knowledge has passed him by.

It reminds me of those brats who fake their own death or imply they're going to commit suicide, just to make people worry.

I really, really hope everything is okay - especially with people pointing out the Donny Hathaway/Roberta Flack reference - but I don't think he'd believe for a minute that we wouldn't care if there was something wrong with any of the boys or their friendships.


Tuesday, 15 January 2008 07:46 am
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"You're annexing a gossip site for your own ends, now?"


"Just so you know, the day you run for president is the day our friendship ends."

-- pg 13/38 (so far)

Soon, I'm going to make an icon that says, "In UR election campaign, cashing-in." And then one that says, "In UR fandom, predictin UR Wentz."

Troh Blog!

Sunday, 6 January 2008 12:38 pm
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pretend this says what postcards say
like greetings...

or wish you were here...

i'm at the honolulu airport as i type this, coming home from a trip that involved an ocean bear, a guy on crystal meth (aka "ice head") talking about "that elf movie with will ferril in it, what's it called?", and me conquering my fear of sharks by pissing on the shore. i unfortunately contracted a fever yesterday with some fantastic stomach issues, so excuse me if this is a short little post.

i hope everyone's new year was great. did anyone in the chi-town area go to the hush sound/this is my suitcase show? did you love it? did bob look dreamy? did TIMS knock your socks off? Did you think we were going to play? cause we weren't. but from what I heard it was totally sick, and i've been stuck in this hell hole being a shitty haole (look it up) and eating tons of car chicken. you know when you go to mcdonalds and get an extra set of fries to eat solely in the car? i do that with whole chickens.

about to embark on a flight back home. learn how to pop and lock, then teach me how.


Aww, bub. He is always sick.

First Hurley...

Wednesday, 19 December 2007 12:11 am
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Wednesday, 12 December 2007 08:45 pm
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Things that are weird:

Adam Siska reccing the bands of people you went to school with on Buzznet.

New FOBRock Blog

Friday, 7 December 2007 01:53 am
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got bitterness? vs. a revelation on true connection (and the award goes to).

the first reaction is jealousy mixed with a slight sense of entitlement. we just want to be a part of your club. we feel like the orphans in the movie the warriors, when we are just dying to be the baseball furies. the truth be told though when you explore it further than that you realize much more. other than the fact that we play the events for you and the right parties all the time (which is a bit embarrassing either for you or us, not sure which, possibly both. its kind of like being invited to a birthday party and then not allowed to eat the cake.)- it shouldnt mean much. (almost) noone in this industry has vision beyond the fear that this week is their last paycheck. we want our songs to be immortal and a statue doesnt do anything to help them live forever. it is the people that live and die with them in their ears and throats that give them life. we wont lie to you, accolades from our peers feel great. however, a fifty year old white man shouldnt decide whether we are relevant or not- and he doesn't. we wanted to thank you for making us feel relevant- for sitting up all night to get into our shows and for buying our music. it means more in the wake of moments like this. we know who we are based on those who would walk through hell with us. this is not a disappointment, rather a revelation on what is truly important. thanks.


Someone's pissed that Paramore got nominated, aren't they?

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Sunday, 2 December 2007 04:54 am
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New Trohblog! Yay. I love that kid. I wonder what prompted him to make that post...

New Blogspot.

Friday, 9 November 2007 02:25 pm
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havent slept in days.
think i am starting to crack.
my room is thrashed, covered in jelly beans and i almost cried while watching the nanny diaries- i think its not funny anymore.
sick of watching what genius is.
sometimes genius is being completely ordinary.
when i look up at the sky i want to eat the stars.
its daylight again, everything goes back to being boring.

nothing too much to say. just gonna watch the world spin this morning.


Someone needs their dosage fixing, I feel.

Why, God, WHY?

Tuesday, 25 September 2007 10:37 pm
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its been a bit. my apologies. we have been in indonesia and the phillipines. internet was not as readily available. we have been everywhere in the world this year- ruining peoples fun everywhere. its strange to sit back and think about sometimes- cos we are just some crappy dudes from the midwest... we arent some put together boyband. its kind of insane when you thnk about it. thank you for the adventure.

in all honesty we cant wait to get back to the states and play some shows. the one we have ready for YWT is gonna be crazy, got some ideas we have never messed with before. and i know i am always saying on here that we have some crazy suprise planned but then i dont tell the suprise- so here's one: we are going to play a couple of secret shows on the tour- duh whats new- but we are going to be playing only take this to your grave songs at these shows. keep your ears to the ground, we are going to keep these very secret.

in addition, were opening the first clandestine store in chicago. being the hometown, i want this to be a place people can hang out before shows or before you go and buy s&m goth gear over at the alley or whatever- so weve got some old video arcade games and other cool stuff to do while your girlfriend's friend's little sister tries on clothes. we are gonna have a couple of items that will only be available in the store- but if you have any ideas let us know.... also, let us know if there are any songs you really wanna hear us play on the YWT.

patrick and i will be doing in store signings for fender at guitar stores in california and chicago on the tour- october 9 at sam ash on sunset blvd. in hollywood, oct. 21 at sam ash in buffalo grove, il. more info on that soon.

weve been writing songs like crazy. contrary to the heavy blogging- the new record is not gonna be a folk record. its gonna be raprock.


take care of your fingers. give em a rest from the keyboard now and again.


*cries* NO, PETE, NO!

I swear this had better be a joke.


Tuesday, 18 September 2007 12:41 pm
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this machine kills fascists

kind of cloudy
but on a clear day you can almost see straight out across to a thought
in my head
sure ive turned a trick or two
does that make me a magician or a whore

whats the difference anyway
had a dream last night that i went to a fall out boy show and they were playing. it seemed so strange but i felt content with it just watching my friends connecting.
and then woke to my dog choking on a bone and i just felt pretty much helpless.
called my mom and she said it was no big deal as long as i got it out.
suddenly everything has changed.
rough morning
but it got better.
got a great patrick message and made me feel a bit more alive.
things couldnt be better for us and we are blessed and just gotta soend more time connecting with people and art- we are lucky. and tend to forget it. me the most of all.
also: for all those in the q&a there is another cut of the video. it is more documentary style including the time when we were barricaded in with machetes. we felt that not only did it not fit the message of the song but it felt a bit "missionary". we felt it was far more dangerous to show the love story of two ugandan teens on trl- hope that clears it up. maybe the other one will make its way out if mtv decides to keep playing more videos than like two a week. this narrative is very true to an account that was told to us by a boy there. it honestly broke my heart and trust my ive got a pretty crappy heart thats hard to break....
anyway thank you for your support. your kind words mean alot always far more than any award. please help us get this video out and around.
i dont want to be a visitor anymore, i want to stay forever.

when we meet and greet
the truth is i wish i was you- it seems so new and true.

"how i wish you were here. were just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl year after year..."

oh yeah buy the new new found record.

posted by xo at 3:32 AM


1. I think it makes you a recruiter, actually. You're so in league with Marie over this.
2. What the hell is dangerous about telling a love story? Sorry, but I'm still not buying it. Machetes? Way more fucking dangerous and way more fucking honest. People being threatened with machetes? I would help those people before I'd help the kid who can manage to escape and run back to his girlfriend, personally.
3. I think he meant 'massage'.

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