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Thursday, 9 June 2011 09:44 am
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Oh God, coffee. NEED MOAR COFFEE.

Completely exhausted. The Damned Things were amazing last night - I sweated so much by the time I got home at 2am my jeans crunched. Salty.

Found it hilarious that Puddle of Mud were supporting them. I can't even...WUT. I always get the name confused with Mudvayne. Now that would have been hilarious.

Sadly, didn't get a chance to see Andy as I promised I would, but we're going to drive up next time and maybe stay over in the chosen city of gigness, so we'll have more time to go and buy pints [of juice].

Did get to see Joe beforehand. He caught me on the way back into the venue from the ladies - he's cut his hair much shorter (kind of a 90s curtain cut look) and it actually really suits him - at least until he starts headbanging and it goes all fluffy. To be fair, it looked like my hair does when it's short and I let it dry naturally, so I'm not going to mock. XD

I stopped to chat and exchange a mutually sweaty hug for a moment, but then had to dive back in to the end of the Puddle of Mud set so I could fight a giant Norwegian for my view of the stage.

We made friends with a girl of about twelve and her dad who were down in the pit, as well. When the PoM guys threw their picks into the pit, one landed it the crook of my arm, so I gave it to her. There was no reason for me to keep it and the Norwegian PoM fans had already annoyed me too much to consider giving it to them.

Did end up retrieving the phone of a cute punk girl (who was there with a girl who looked like she was probably her twin, but with a massive white (and highly inconvenient) mohawk) after I saw it glowing on the floor. She was very grateful and said thank you at least twice. It was awesome to see people really rocking out for TDT. Old dudes, young women, obnoxious, smelly goth dudes... They declared it the best gig ever, and I like to think they were serious.

After the set there was an hilarious moment of confusion with Rob. He was shaking hands with the crowd, but all my stuff was in my right hand and it would be awkward to change, so I put my hand out to high-five him. He did not appear to understand the motion. I guess he's too cool for that; and I say that with no irony at all. He did get it in the end, though. I hate those weird, same-hand handshakes...

I didn't see it happen, but apparently Keith stage dived at the end of the set and they dropped him. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

When the set was done we had to run and get the train back, so I only had time to stop and say happy birthday to Josh and ask him to tell Andy I said 'hi' and sorry I couldn't wait around to chat. Ended up emailing him on the train. He said it was okay, but I did feel a bit bad. I promised I'd make the time, after the last show, and I don't think saying 'hello' to me is going to make or break his night, but he's a good dude and I like to keep my word.

All in all, another good one from my boys. Shame that Lib and Michelle didn't make it along, but I'm sure they'll be there next time.

It did leave me with tinnitus so bad I really felt like my head was in one of those electrical substation things, with electricity buzzing overhead, but even that was worth it...

Brighton rules.

Friday, 18 September 2009 07:29 pm
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Monday, 16 March 2009 11:56 am
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Is anyone else just... really kind of embarrassed for 50 Cent?

He's replacing METRO STATION on a bill supporting Fall Out Boy. Obviously, I love FOB, but on a scale of how successful that dude seems to see himself and what level of credibility this support spot has... just... Oh dear.

Aren't even Cobra Starship above him on the bill?
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Well, fuck.


Today was so awesomely weird (and weirdly awesome) I can barely articulate it. So, I will leave you with this: FUCK.


Sunday, 8 March 2009 12:39 pm
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Sitting outside the venue. Been here since 9.30am.

Wearing two pairs of socks, a pair of tights, a pair of jeans, a vest top, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a scarf, a coat, it's sunny and I'm still cold.

Apparently it's AJ's birthday today; happy birthday, man. Bet you're forfeiting your constitutional right to "bare arms" today...

Jasmine and I have M&G later - we're nervous we'll lose the others and not get to the barrier but it was kind of insisted... feels kind of weird to be honest. Still, we're armed with Skittles... seems only fair.

It is really fucking hard to type on a sidekick when your fingers are stiff and the website is not suited to the gadget.

Also, Matte almost died choking on a drink.
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For those of you not following my Twitter - I met 3/5 of Misery Signals today. They are really sweet dudes.

We wandered down to the venue in the earlyish-afternoon to just try to say hi, because it seemed kind of rude to be 20-25mins walk away and not take the time to, given the whole Fuck City thing (especially being a mod and stuff; it's not a huge or particularly important 'job' but they put their trust in the five of us, which is cool of them). So, we got down there and there were a few people about (and three completely INSANE teenagers braving bitterly cold weather to be first in line), and we just waited a few yards down from the stage door until Stu, Ryan and Branden (whose name I CANNOT PRONOUNCE without it sounding like 'Brendon'; which was lucky, almost, because it usually comes out as 'Bradley' when I try to say it) came out on their way to get lunch.

We said hi, and I introduced myself, explaining that we'd come down to say hi because we couldn't afford to make it to the show but we wanted to check in anyway and without missing a beat, Ryan said, "Not if you're on the list."

I explained that oh, no, no - we weren't, we'd just stopped by and he and (I think, Branden) immediately offered to put us on the list. Which made me feel awful for about 5 seconds, and protest that we hadn't meant to come down and guilt trip them or anything, and Stu was all, "Oh, well you'd be the only ones on it, it's cool." (Bless him, he looked really sleepy; and waaaay taller than he seems in pics.) And they kind of insisted a little bit (not that we protested that hard, if I'm really honest, but they made us feel like it really wasn't an inconvenience at all), so with some fumbling for a pen, Ryan took my name in to put on the list and we stayed outside talking to Stu and Branden about how the tour was going and stuff. They have SO MUCH travelling to do in the next couple of days; tomorrow they'll be home for literally a few hours before they fly again.

It turns out that they've been to Brighton before, and Ryan totally knew where the restaurant I was going to rec to him was - he literally said, "We're heading up to Red*Veg" which was both hilarious and awesome. If we'd driven down there we would have given them a lift, because it's kind of hardwork walking that far into town from the Concorde when it's so cold. But alas, we have no car.

We wandered down to get a coffee ourselves, and went slightly mad from the cold when we had to wait around outside for an hour (it was honestly that cold). When we finally got inside (Julie being quite excited because she'd never been on a guestlist before) we went over and stood on the left hand side of the venue, inside the random little rail, outside the old lift was (because I'd left my coils in and I didn't want them ripped out of my ears in the mosh pit itself), and after about ten minutes, Stu (completely accidentally) came and stood right with us there. I didn't say a whole lot to him because I'm horribly self-conscious around cute boys but I thanked him for their getting us on the guestlist and stuff and we exchanged a few words; nothing deep or meaningful. He did keep getting cuddle-jumped by other dudes, though, which was kind of adorable. Then, a bit later on, the pit just kind of crashed back on us, and this little old lady (who I think was someone's mum) ended up pushed all the way back against him, giggling delightedly, and we just kind of shared this look of amusement because seriously: go that old lady for getting in the pit.

Stu ended up standing a couple of feet behind us, and Ryan took his place, so I had a chat with him for a bit, between the second and third bands. He's such an approachable, nice dude. We talked a bit about Brighton and how it's a really veg*n/organic/gay-friendly place, what I (don't currently) do for a living, the age of the crowd, how Karl is fairing after his sickness last year... doing laundry... just really chatty stuff. He was just really friendly, and I totally appreciate that from someone who has barely any idea who the fuck I am.

When they got on stage they were really awesome (although Kyle is so tiny - by normal standards, not FOB standards - I could hardly see him from where I was standing, which was both funny and a pity). The crowd were singing along as if they were the headliners, the pit was insane, and people were mostly much more gracious and nice than you'd usually find at the gigs I go to.

Karl was wearing a Shai Hulud shirt, which was hilarious because I only really know them as being Neeraj's band and it was one of those weird moments when I realised that I have friends who all grew up in the same scene, but who I barely associate with that at all. I'm not exactly BFFs with Neeraj, I mostly know him through Jay and HRE, but y'know: I've been out to lunch with the dude from the band the singer from MisSigs has on his shirt. WHUT.

Sometimes, my life feels so strange. Like there are things about it I should be going, "Holy shit!!!!1!!!" about and yet I mostly just kind of go, "Huh? Oh." about. Personally, I think my way is far more apt. If the last couple of years have taught me anything, it's that EVEN IF THEY'RE AWESOME DUDES - THEY'RE JUST DUDES. (And, possibly, that if more people accepted this, a lot of the bickering and in-fighting in bandom would stop...)

Edit: I'm a twit - it was HRE's drummer, Tony, who was in Shai Hulud (and also in Rise Against). I've met him, too, but still.

But anyway.

Julie wasn't feeling too great, and it was fucking freezing, so after Architects had finished, we headed outside and just caught Ryan and Stu to say a quick goodbye. Ryan actually came over and gave us both hugs or his own accord, and Stu put down his equipment (but not his beers!) to follow suit, which was really sweet.

I didn't get to meet Kyle or Karl, unfortunately, but the boys I did meet were so, so nice. On stage, Kyle told everyone to go and download their last album, Controller, and you should definitely do that if you're at all into heavier music.

I definitely intend to be down the front next time I see them. Totally worth it.
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The thing is, forcing these bands on people isn't encoraging people to get into them; often, it just means that your own fans get sick of hearing about them and become more resistent to them.

The early Decaydance bands were genuinely good acts - I count Cobra and TAI amongst some of my favourite current acts - but the newer stuff is less original and come with obnoxious fanbases that nobody wants to have to endure at your shows.

Also, it has to be said: FIVE BANDS is way too many on a bill. Nobody gets a decent length set and your own fans are forced to stand up through acts many of them can't stand in order to enjoy a reduced length set from the band they are actually there for.

I get that these bands are on your label, and you want to promote them, but it's to the detriment of your own fanbase.

Originally posted as a comment by icedmaple on A Homeboy's Life using Disqus.

for the record, only two of these bands are on my label. two are not.

WE will continue to support our friends and bands that WE think are good and offer something to the bill.

As far as you feel about decaydance is a personal opinion. I wish more people had supported bands like the hushsound but it simply was not the case. i get it, the new stuff is not your cup of tea. thats ok. i never did this label for anyone except myself. i was told not to sign panic at the disco and gym class heroes by everyone i spoke to. there are bands that i feel deserve to be championed and therefor choose to.

i have found that often it is less what the music is but what age or state you are in when the music hits you. i have found this in my own life personally. my tastes change and mature as i grow and bands that i fell in love with, that took me through the most miserable parts of my teenage years wouldnt hit me the same if they came out now. its often nostalgic ears that we listen through.

people have complained when we have had three band bills, people complain that they cant get into the secret smaller shows we do, people complain that venues are too big.

all that i have taken out of this is that we as a culture have our own opinions and we dont mind expressing them.

i appreciate that.

we have toured with nfg, shiny toy guns, midtown, bayside, from first to last... honestly, we tour with bands that we like and sometimes with bands that we hope our fanbase will enjoy.

honestly, if you dont like the tour you should either show up late and just see FOB (if you live in the states), not come to the show at all, or lobby to become our booking agent and book the tours from now on.

didnt mean for this to be brutal but id like for you to know the truth. either way, i am sure people who love our hate certain bands on the tour are able to schedule their lives so they see the ones that they want to see.

take care.

ps "pete" doesnt decide the line-ups for fall out boy. the entire band, our management and our booking agents do. we also do not decide the routing for our tour but when someone makes a suggestion we put that forth to our agents.

not sure how to login to my account here so i wont be replying again as im sure some fakes will begin to do so. if you want i will reply over at the clandestine.buzznet one.

Originally posted as a comment by petewentz on A Homeboy's Life using Disqus.

My other response )


Thursday, 15 January 2009 04:37 pm
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You know, I get that Decaydance is a business and all, but I'm kind of sick of seeing Pete use Fall Out Boy as a free advertising platform.

The new tour line up:

Fall Out Boy
Cobra Starship
Metro Station
All Time Low
Hey Monday

Ugh. I'm obviously not going to this tour (although the UK Tour is still a possibility and I doubt the line-up will change much) it's just... why do we need five bands on a tour, for starters? I'd rather have just have one support - two max - and then get a decent length set from each and not have to stand for so long.

Why do more than half have to be shitty bands on Decaydance that Pete is trying to convince everyone that we must like so we can make him money? Especially when all three bands are shit.

I'm really sick of seeing Hey Monday forced down our throats and his using the FOBR journals to promote them. His own blogs, that's fine - they're independent (even if it is still annoying) - but really. Hey Monday are a poor-man's Paramore (and no, I'm sorry - that isn't a compliment, I don't care what you claim in interviews, HM. Being a cheap rip-off of someone else is never a good thing). Most of the bands he pimps incessantly also suck. I've sat through ATL at Cobra shows - and left during their set every time because they were shit. It's actually quite funny to see them go from headlining above Cobra to being two bands below them.

Also, this may be controversial, but do they really believe, at this stage, that they can follow as high-energy and infectious a band as Cobra, without being, ultimately, an anti-climax? Not because FOB are a bad live band- I wouldn't have seen them so many times if I thought they were, would I? - but because Cobra shows are a party. Everyone is really into it. And after them, without a buffer of other bands in between, the energy is going to change so severely that it won't be quite right.

I saw Cobra supporting FOB as middle support last year; it was the first time I'd ever seen them and they blew me away. Now that I know the band and know their songs, I honestly don't know if a FOB set immediately after would have the same impact as if another band had been supporting them. The bands are just too different in how they manage the crowd.

Even though FOB are my favourite Bandom band, of that line-up, I know I would enjoy the Cobra set the most and I know that all my gig-going friends are pretty much in the same boat.

But yeah; I wonder if Island have realised that they're basically funding Decaydance's tour schedule.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008 02:43 pm
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£27.50 for the FOB show in Brighton? Seriously?

That's ridiculous.

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Friday, 28 November 2008 12:55 pm
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Okay, this is hilarious. A is my house. B is the venue of the Brighton FOB show in March.


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Friday, 24 October 2008 07:24 pm
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So, last night, then.


The 'secret show' for 150 people wasn't a secret show at all. It was a press party. The crowd was made up entirely of competition winners (less than 50 of them) some invited people and press. There was no more than 80 people there.

You couldn't buy tickets - although at one point they were going to give any left over wristbands to the people in the queue who didn't have tickets already.

The invites said to be there at 8.45pm. So people waited. And waited. And waited. And by the time a young Boardie, named Katie, and I had given up and gotten the 10.11pm train home, [livejournal.com profile] haterswannabeme texted Katie to say that at 10.50pm they were ONLY JUST letting people in.

I don't know yet whether she got in herself, but even if I'd won a pass it would have been impossible for me to get home after a forty-five minute show, which I'm guessing would have started after 11.15pm - the train left Victoria at 12.05pm.

Security told us that they had to soundcheck "again", at one point, which makes it sound like something went wrong somewhere...

On the positive side, we chatted to Diaz and gave Joe's card to Dave, the Production Manager, who was with him. I hope they remembered to pass it on.

It was all a bunch of bullshit and totally mis-represented gig-wise, though. That was NOT a secret gig as we know them. And the most galling part? We asked the competition winners behind us if they were fans and they shrugged and said, "Not really..."

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Sunday, 19 October 2008 11:55 pm
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Also, Dre is the cutest giant baby ever. I wanted to cuddle him so badly.

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Sunday, 19 October 2008 11:35 pm
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We just received an amazing piece of news direct from the horse's mouth. We think it's the first time it's been said publicly and we're blown away. We don't want to spoil the surprise though so we'll just brag when it breaks. Hahahahaha.

Happiest thing ever.

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Sunday, 19 October 2008 10:20 pm
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Beat it, Dance Dance and Saturday to close.

Patrick is like a different person tonight. He's rioting.

It's been a strange show. Too many IOH tracks. Pete says they have more tricks for other shows.

Good to go in a shower of sparks.

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Sunday, 19 October 2008 10:07 pm
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AJ's circle pit time.

Joe was just pressed up to Patrick's side while they took a water break. Cute.


They're doing American Boy and Patrick really said boy.

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Sunday, 19 October 2008 09:56 pm
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...Patrick just came within a fraction of a second of going into his own trohmania. O_o

He seemed to bottle out beffore he left the floor.

An he's now wearing a black argyle vest...

Holy shit. He just did a full pirouette.

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Sunday, 19 October 2008 09:50 pm
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I think Patrick is struggling. He fucked up the end of Chicago Is So Two Years Ago and keeps going out of key. He seems out of breath.

Cold, maybe?

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Sunday, 19 October 2008 09:37 pm
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Patrick is rocking and back to his old style. Joe's hair is mesmerising and he seems to keep rockblocking Pete when he heads to Patrick.

He also actually just spoke on stage! He screamed for people to "step the fuck back".

They've gone backstage to change for IDC. All black outfits. THIS IS INSANE. Glowing guitars are allk all you can see.

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Sunday, 19 October 2008 08:58 pm
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It's not the same without Warchief. Jim seems to be absent, too. Diaz, AJ, Kadaver, Dre, Marcus, Kyle and Henry are all accounted for.

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