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Just bought this image as a canvas almost 3ft wide for our living room:

Sooo pretty. Poppies and forget-me-nots are my favourite flowers and we decided to get poppies to go with the canvas triptych of 'Bastogne' - remembrance and all that.

The flat is really starting to feel homely. We have plans for other furniture and things (and a new TV, my God, we need one which actually shows the whole picture!) but that bookcase has made a world of difference.

I've started work on my bigbangfic - coming up to 1,000 words, but I'm struggling with the voices. Getting the voices right is hugely important in my fics and I don't feel like I've got it, yet. Maybe working on the [ profile] sherlockprompts fic I've got to do in the next couple of weeks will help; I dunno.

Could probably do with re-watching the series in its entirity, too. Oh, the trials of being a writer...

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008 12:24 am
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I don't think I've mentioned this, yet, but Julie and I have been having some really weir experiences, since we moved in. Aside from screwing [flat-pack furniture] an awful lot.

Basically, my bedroom door opens itself. I have witnessed this. Julie has witnessed this. Julie's mum has witnessed this. All of a sudden it will just pop open. Quite often, I'm woken to it opening, as if someone is coming in to get me up in the morning.

Now, I get up before Julie, and many times she has still been asleep when it occured. Other times, like the first time and tonight, we have both been laying on our beds in our respective rooms.

Today, unusually, my bedroom window is open. Usually when this happens, all the windows are closed. We've always assumed it was a weird Old House Thing. Y'know: someone steps on a floorboard, or whatever. Except, as I said - it happens when we're motionless and we haven't been able to replicate it by moving around the house.

Well. JUST NOW, while we were both in our rooms, laying down on our beds, we both DISTINCTLY HEARD footsteps - which sounded like they were coming up the stairs to me, and walking across the ceiling to Julie - and then my door burst open again.

:| I cannot explain this.

We've tried ruling out the footsteps we've been hearing as being our neighbours, but this is a pretty weird coincidence. There was no breeze from my window, as it's a pretty still night, here, and even so it happens when the window is closed.

I'm starting to think we're sharing with someone else...

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Thursday, 24 July 2008 03:03 pm
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I'm going to look at that apartment in Brighton, tomorrow. At 3pm. Anyone want to come?

I'll pay your fair from Victoria. :)

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Saturday, 31 May 2008 11:51 pm
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So, you might know that Julie and I are getting a place together, in the next couple of months - right now, it's looking like it will almost certainly be in Brighton (or Hove, if we have to) so [ profile] fredtheguava ultimately won! (Rachael, if you're interested on taking us up on the offer let us know, because we'll be looking at apartments really soon; it's cool if you don't want to, but it's better to know before we get somewhere) - and we've spent this evening planning how to furnish it (because to be honest, the good apartments are all empty possessions).

I've decided I want a kind of girly (! - I know! Girly! Me!) shabby chic bedroom, and I just bought the first item for it off eBay.

How cute is that throw? ♥ I'm going to get a basic wooden bed and worry about the rest as we go on. As long as I have somewhere decent to sleep, the living room is a bigger priority. We're looking at green and chocolate for that, and at getting a fancy, green patterned seat and a plain sofa made by a Welsh company. I'm pretty sure they made my mum's old sofa and it was fine, and really cheap.

We have plans. And payouts coming to us to buy it with. It's looking good.

But yes. It's all getting quite real.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 02:14 am
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So, I just got back from the Cobra Starship show in Brighton with [ profile] fredtheguava. We sat on the beach for a while before we queued up, and it was so good to be by the sea, again. I miss open water so much, when I can't be near it - so much so, that I really do find myself wanting to move down there, now. I was excited about the prospect before, when I was trying to get into BIMM (although they ended up cancelling the course), and the more I think about it, the more I want to get down there.

Obviously, my first choice would still be Chicago, but in between times I don't know if I can handle London for much longer. It's so dirty here. As Rachael and I mentioned earlier, when you've been out in London for any significant period of time, you come home to cough up/sneeze black stuff. For someone with hypersensitive lungs this is not good, and probably part of the reason I'm so susceptible to chest infections in the last few years (namely, since I've been living here, in or close to Central London).

There's also a real feeling of claustrophobia that I've been getting in the last year or two. It is so rare for me to leave the city for any period of time (the furthest I usually go is the suburbs, to visit family, 25 minutes outside of the centre); getting out to Somerset and Sussex in the last few days, has kind of reminded me what else is out there. THERE ARE FIELDS, U GUISE! And hills. And woodland. And the sea. In London there is nothing but buildings and traffic - and mostly we travel underground, and never see more than the five or ten minute journeys to and from home/work and the nearest tube station. The tube is convenient (except before 9am and after 4.45pm on weekdays) but it turns you into subterranean drones. You never get to see the rest of the city. On weekends, the place is overrun with zombie-like binge drinkers from the suburbs.

I'm rapidly growing to hate it, here.

Brighton itself is so very English, and I totally feel that. It has the pier and the promenade you expect in English seaside towns, an extremely well-known gay community (which, apparently, I'd fit in pretty well), a pretty good music scene, the Lanes (which is the boutiquey shopping district), it has the sea - which is a huge factor for me, I've always wanted to live by the sea - and most importantly, it's just not London.

Right now, moving away feels like the smartest idea ever.

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Thursday, 1 May 2008 02:13 pm
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So, I have to vote in the London elections, today.

It's kind of a trek to the polling station.

Look )

I think I'd better pack some rations, just in case I get lost.

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Saturday, 26 April 2008 05:45 pm
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Today is a really nice day, and I thought I'd take a couple of pics of my garden to show you one of the reasons I still live in this goddamn house.

Pretty (and also huge) )

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Tuesday, 29 January 2008 08:30 pm
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So, aside from our existing black cat, Pinot (as in Noir) we seem to have adopted a kitten, also black, who we have just named...


Oh, we're so funny.

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Sunday, 23 December 2007 05:41 pm
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My cat is asleep inside a giant jiffy bag.

: |

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Thursday, 29 November 2007 05:29 pm
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Back home. Sadly.

Want to go back.

Anyone want to have Tapas in Covent Garden tomorrow? Julie will be there.

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Thursday, 15 November 2007 12:21 am
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Polts are at it again.

I just took some wet laudry out of the machine and carried it into my bedroom to hang up to dry. I walked back down to the living room, and there is a wet sock laying flat out on the kitchen counter.

Mapie is out.
Viv is out.
Love is in his bedroom.
Gabriel walked in as I found it.


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Wednesday, 14 November 2007 12:08 am
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A couple of days ago, I failed to notice a candle melting off my altar and all over my landlord's carpet. I managed to get most of it up, but resigned myself to having to move the furniture before I eventually move out.

However, tonight I noticed that above the altar was a grey smoke makr up the wall. It was subtle. It's been there for days and I haven't noticed, but I thought, 'I'll just take a cloth and rub it off'. However. My room is magnolia painted over wallpaper and has not resulted in a solid, shiny surface like it has in the kitchen. So now I have a very visible grey smudge over my altar instead.


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Wednesday, 13 June 2007 02:39 pm
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I'm home. I miss Chicago. I miss the beach and the lake and intermittently exchanging, "I love Warchief. He's so fucking awesome..." with Liberty.

I miss AIR CONDITIONING and I miss slurpees.

And I'm hungry.

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Sunday, 3 June 2007 03:40 pm
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I still can't post proper entries. And it is REALLY PISSING ME OFF.

On a more pleasant note, I have been trying on my outfits for Chicago and I have definitely lost weight since I bought the jeans on Monday. Plus, I had my bikini top on with long denim shorts and it really didn't look too bad. My tits looked... alarming.

Right now, I am in the back garden wearing a vest top and boys' boxers. It is hot, but breezy. The only kind of warm weather I can enjoy. Yay!

Home sweet home?

Wednesday, 2 August 2006 12:47 am
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I am so angry.

For those of you unfamiliar with this story, I have an alcoholic housemate (one of four) called Mapie. Mapie has no concept of other people. She would come and sit next to me when I was signed off work with chest infections it later turned out were not related to asthma (which they now don't believe I have) but due to an allergy to cigarette smoke, and say "You have a bad cough" and then light up. She smoked in the house constantly. I would always say that it was okay, because I didn't want to make her uncomfortable - and because she'd already be lighting her cigarettes as she asked.

Mapie has also been guilty of afternoon barbecues that have started on Saturday morning and ended Monday evening. She has an abundance of unemployed friends - as she herself is, which also annoys me as she's not even English, but French - and hasn't worked for a number of years. She gets her rent paid, her council tax, money for amenities and to live on - and she can afford to go out drinking every night - why would she bother getting a job?

Anyway, we have a room to rent, here from 1 September, and I mentioned to Elise that if things got desperate maybe she should move in there for a while - ironically, as I thought things had improved in the house. It wasn't final, and it would obviously have been down to the other three to agree that she was suitable. I mentioned this to Mapie, earlier, and she sniffed and told me she had already spoken to her friend Claudine, who might be interested.

Claudine is a French-Canadian lady who helped Mapie bring some drug dealers into the house about a year ago; drug dealers who subsequently threatened to beat up Gabriel - in his own home. He was terrified, when I came home. I think the police had been around, if I remember correctly.

Tonight, she came in drunk and demanded to watch TV, and I asked - very carefully and politely - if she could wait just forty-five minutes so I could watch the end of an episode of Killer Instinct that Joe May was in. She wanted to watch Eastenders, about which when she said to me earlier, "Typical for my friends to call when I want to watch Eastenders!" I had said, "Do you want to watch it now? I don't mind - I can go in my room if you want..." as we have a sort of view-on-demand package for some programs. She said no.

Anyway - my polite refusal of her demand turned into the usual self-righteous rant she drags out on the very, very rare occasions I say 'no' to her. 'WAH WAH WAH, we shouldn't have a TV in the living room because I never get to watch it/WAH WAH WAH, you are always in the living room'

Firstly, yes, she does. Every day when I come home it is on the Francophone channel. If she doesn't watch it during all those hours when she is at home and I'm working, that isn't my problem. If she wanted to watch it most evenings, all she would have to do is say so, or come and sit down. It's just unfortunate that tonight was the one night when there was something on I really needed to watch for TCO as we've been doing reviews for his projects.

Secondly, it's a communal sitting room. If I want to sit there, shouldn't that be okay at any time? I'm not stopping anyone else coming in, just by being there. I even encourage people - usually Andrea or Gabriel - to come and join me, if they want to. But they hardly ever do.

Mapie's claim tonight, was that they are all scared of me. And that they all dislike me.

(Who does that sound like, everyone?)

And apparently, I'm also crazy. Yes, I'm crazy for finding the rantings of a drunk, belligerent, French nutter irritating. Apparently, I make her feel she can't smoke in the living room because I 'say stuff' - which I never do. I just leave. But considering no one else smokes in the common areas of the house, because they think of the non-smokers instead of just themselves, I don't think she has any right to complain. She started smoking through choice - I didn't develop an allergy on purpose just to annoy her.

I rarely raise my voice to her - unless I'm replying to something she's yelling down the hall from halfway up the stairs. Because raising your voice loses you the argument, and I'm not that childish any more. What I am, though, is really sick of being made to feel this way in my own home. I seriously need to get out - although I hate to let her win like that. Which I know is a petty attitude to have, but she really does want to own this place. She pretty much thinks she already does.

When I was thrown out of home, and decided to stay away for good, it was because I couldn't stand being abused and persecuted in a place where I was supposed to be at ease. I'm still feeling like that here. If ever she comes in and doesn't immediately say 'hi' to me I'm on edge because I think she's come in drunk and is going to throw one of these strops. I can't stand living like that.

I left a note for Gabriel telling him what happened tonight and asking if I could have a chat to him tomorrow, because I want to establish whether he is scared of me and dislikes me as much as Mapie says. I'm also going to talk to Mr Malick, our landlord. As far as I can see, for all my faults, she's the one who makes life hard for everyone, here. She leaves the kitchen filthy while drunken friends of hers pass out and let their children poo on the floor in the downstairs toilet - and are too out of it to clean it up - all weekend. She's the one who brings people in off the street - literally, off the street - and then claims they attempted to rape her outside my unlocked door, even though I hear nothing.

What the hell am I supposed to do? I think I have two or three months left of my contract - although I can pay to break it, if I like - and I'd need to save to move, because I won't get my deposit back immediately. I don't even have anywhere to go - although I'm considering (vaguely) asking to lodge at my uncle's house for a while, which would mean moving back to Ashford, which I would loathe.

The simple fact is, either she goes, or I go. And it's getting increasingly urgent.
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Alan Titchmarsh's The British Isles: A Natural History - which is literally that: a historical nature program on the British Isles - always makes me cry.

It's a nature program!

It's just that I love Britain so much - our countryside and our history - that sometimes I'm awed by it. I wonder why I want to leave so much. It wasn't long ago that I couldn't imagine even holidaying outside of the British Isles. I wanted to explore it and get to know the land - I've already seen an awful lot of it, having been in the ATC and travelling around to other cities so much in my teens.

I'm proud to be English; I am.

But I'm also proud of my Canadian, Sicilian and Lakota heritage. I'd like to go to Wounded Knee, one day. I've already lived in Sicily. And now, I'm gradually finding out about my ancestors in Ontario. I want to visit there, too, but I think it's too remote for my city-slicker roots to live there permanently.

So, Vancouver it is. Where you can see the mountains and the sea at the same time.

Can anywhere be more perfect for me?

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