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Things I don't understand about fandom right now:

- The strange and on-going shift into darker and darker and more and more violent/outlandish sexual themes. It's an endless stream of non-con, dub-con, child abuse, domestic abuse, extreme BDSM (which is fine, but seems more abundantly common, lately) and D/s relationships. The latter two can certainly be accepted as kinks rather than the earlier ones and I'm totally cool with that. The point is more that they seem to be much, much more common and explicit in fanfics than they used to be, and I wonder why. What has prompted such an enormous upsurge in stories focusing on rape, abuse, violence and role-played versions thereof? When did that change? Am I the only one who remembers when the height of Teh Shock was Aliens Made Us Do It, We Did It With Aliens and Epic Sex Pollen?

- X-Men: First Class. How - and I am genuinely curious about this - is the pairing comprising A MAN PAINTED RED WITH BAD GREASEPAINT and A MAN WHO HAD NO LINES IN THE FILM WHATSOEVER more popular than the pairing comprising the DELIGHTFULLY DAMAGED BUT RIPPED YOUNG MAN WITH DANGEROUS POWERS and THE ADORABLE SMARTASS WHO CAN FLY BUT CAN'T FLIRT? WTF, fandom. Seriously? What the fuck is that? Also: you realise that after the end of the film Beast doesn't turn back into Nick Hoult, right? So all your three-some fics involve loads of blue, matted, semen-sticky fur, right? Okay.

- And while we're at it: why so little love for Caleb? FUCK YOU LOOK AT HIS FACE.

And when you've stopped laughing at the lengths they've gone to to make his skin look normal after PAINTING OUT HIS FRECKLES, let's note that he's the only main character other than Riptide (does Captain Hot-But-No-Speaking-Role even count?) who didn't make it onto the posters. Nor did he get a Marvel Minimate made of him, even though Havok, Beast, Mystique and even Azazel did. He's the only member of the X-Men who didn't. And he was so excited by the idea of getting to be a redheaded action figure for little redheaded kids to have, too. :*( RAGE SPOILERS ) C'MON. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT, MARVEL? AND ALSO: FANDOM. GET ON THIS SHIT LIKE SUNBURN ON A GINGER.
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Cross-posted from my other journal, because it's an important point to make - apologies if you see it twice, especially as I'm not cutting it. I don't want any part of this overlooked

I started writing this entry during Holby City, which for the non-viewers is a British soap/serial drama set in a hospital near Bristol. While Holby focuses primarily on the surgical wards, the original show from which it is a spin-off, Casualty, focuses on the A&E or emergency room of the same hospital.

The entry was supposed to be, "Yay! 30,000 words!" but what actually happened on Holby made me so angry. Here's an extended version of what I said on Twitter:

Last year, Joe May (one of my favourite actors, and someone I am incredibly fond of - to the point where I co-run a fansite about him) played a character called George Kerwan, on Holby, whose entire four-episode arc was that he would start dating much-loved main character, Maria, then flirt with her friend, male nurse Nicky, and eventually break her heart when he was outed as bisexual, tell her he was just out for some fun, and then disappear. In the space of the last episode, or so, they had his friendly and likeable - if quite cocky - persona changed to being a self-centred, smug prick.

The same actor played male nurse Sam Colloby's unemployed, parasite boyfriend in about 1997 (as Paul) and then cheated on Sam with a woman (I specify male in the cases of Sam and Nicky because of their unisex names and the nature of the storylines - co-incidence?).

When the BBC did a survey on LGBT portrayal in its programmes, last year, I specifically pointed this out. I also made the point that sometimes gay people are Just Gay and their sexuality is incidental, not central to their personality. That just because someone is gay, doesn't make it the only thing they ever talk about or react in accordance with. That it shouldn't be what defined a character.

After the survey, they acknowledged this sort of feedback and said, "Yes, we screwed up. We'll try harder. Awfully sorry."

When they introduced Antoine Malick, and subtly noted that he was gay, we thought they'd listened and created a character in that role. It was awesome. Malick was, admittedly, an Angry Young Black Man stereotype (which isn't really acceptable, either, although he was also portrayed as a great doctor) and his sexuality was nodded to occasionally, but never paraded. He wasn't the kind of lascivious perv we usually see gay men portrayed as when they're not being portrayed as mincing fairies with a fashion kink (although Joe did get to play one of those as Andy Button in Episodes - also a BBC project).

Tonight, they had Rugger Bugger Dan - the gobshite, rich-boy Orthopodiatrician - who is in a relationship with Queen Bitch Chrissie, pushing Malick up against some lockers and kissing him after a half-naked fight - and then running to Chrissie for sex. It's like the worst kind of fanfic. It's embarrassing and unrepresentative of the LGBT community and is using us as scandal fodder. I thought they'd learned, but clearly they haven't and I am really fucking sick of it.

Last week, there were constant jokes about Michael and Sunil being in love/married/a couple. Which was cute in its own way, given that both characters are straight but do act that way. But really, it's gayforlaughs. Which isn't that much better than gayforshock.

Julie and I literally shrieked and bellowed in horror when Dan kissed Malick. The kiss was clumsy, uncomfortable and frankly about as disturbing as the kiss at the end of Enduring Love, when Daniel Craig snogged his terrifying stalker, Rhys Ifans, in order to escape. It was that level of horrific. It wasn't passionate, it wasn't hot; it was an unattractive, middle-aged white bloke mashing his face against that of the moderately indifferent young black badass in front of him. IT WAS HORRENDOUS. It was a sexual harrassment case waiting to happen.

Why, why, why can we not be allowed to be taken seriously on TV or film? Especially with bisexual storylines. Because I guarantee you that Dan will either climb back into the closet and put on a fur coat, or he'll agonise for a bit and then decide that he was gay all along. Sorry, Chrissie. He won't be allowed to accept any feelings he may have harboured over the years and come to the conclusion that he is bisexual. Oh, no.

And let me point out that it was last year - January, if I recall - that they did the Bisexual Getting Outed storyline with Canadian George. That's two storylines on basically the same pretext, in the space of a little over a year. To be perfectly fucking honest, I'm quite surprised they didn't just say, "Hey - why not get Joe May to play a third bisexual manslag in the same universe? Have we had him on Holby Blue, our shit spin-off cop drama, yet?"

I am so, so sick of people sharing my sexuality being marginalised and effectively slandered on television. Apparently, we're such an easy target we're irrisistible.

Fuck you, BBC. I'm making a formal fucking complaint.


Edit: And my final lines to the BBC:

That is the point at which my blog entry concludes, more or less, but I really, really would like an answer as to why - even after asking us to complete your survey - you still felt the need to once again fall to stereotypes and misrepresentation of an entire section of the viewing community.

What is WRONG with your writers? How does this even get past the draft stage? Are you so desperate for viewers that you will wilfully insult a chunk of the population and make us look like some kind of joke? Are you really happy to propagate that sort of mean, damaging stereotype? And worse, after acknowledging that your viewers wanted this to change?

Please, do tell me. I'm really eager to hear your excuses. In writing, if you don't mind, so that they may be shared.


For those who you who just think, "But it's only Holby City!" That series is one of the BBC's flagship shows. It has millions of viewers of ordinary social awareness and intellect - and probably many whose awareness and understanding of LGBT issues is less developed than those of us reading this. What those people will see when they watch scenes like the ones on Holby City, is an endorsement and confirmation of stereotypes that are simply not true. It encourages people to believe that all bisexuals are indecisive, greedy and promiscuous. That people will just decide to switch sexualities on a whim because they meet someone attractive, and after that point will give no consideration to the lifestyle they lived for the last forty years. That gay people will pursue a sexual interest until they have bullied or persuaded the subject to submit.

These ideas are damaging and hurtful and they are being shared by one of the world's most respected broadcasting institutions.

Giving Graham Norton a talkshow and putting Jack Harkness on BBCObscureSatelliteChannel is not adequate. They're doing more harm than good and it really has to stop.

Hey, toss piece!

Monday, 6 September 2010 04:47 pm
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If you're going to join a comm with a mod account specifically to promote your dumbass community, at least observe the fucking rules of said community.

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You know what pisses me off more than anything in the world?

People who don't place spoilers behind cuts.

There is no excuse for it. We don't all live in the same time zones or have the same time available to us, to watch something we've probably had to download, if we're outside the country where it's made.

Posting pictures or gifs or capslocky announcements of what has happened, "OMG! THEY KILLED BOB!"-style is just plain selfish and inconsiderate. LJ gives us the capacity to make a post with all the content you could want without ruining it for everyone else. Please use a cut for ALL of the content you have to say about new episodes or series or films.

I lose so much respect for people when they do things like that, even if it's not a series I'm following; please think about how you could be ruining other people's enjoyment when you're posting this stuff. They're supposed to be your friends, after all.

PSA: Fuck the OCK

Thursday, 6 November 2008 10:52 pm
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We haven't even nearly got this up and running, yet, but [ profile] jedi_iwakura began a plan today to collect the various issues people have with the OCK/AA, along with people's negative experiences, and collect them together to illustrate to the band directly, as well as Crush, why people are so absolutely furious.

We also want to provide solutions and alternatives.

After the last post made on FOBR, which is full of manipulative bullshit and blatant likes, I wanted to say that we've made a community: [ profile] sunshine_corps and we plan to use it to organise our response.

As I said, it's not finished yet, but it's somewhere to go for the timebeing.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008 09:39 pm
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Is anyone else having problems with flash player?

I've uninstalled and reinstalled it a ton of times and it's still not working since the last update.


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Monday, 21 July 2008 08:40 am
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So, if someone makes a post saying, "No spoilers" only a complete fucking imbecile or total cunt then posts a comment in response to someone else on that post SPOILING THE PREMISE because someone else says they don't know what it's about.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Fuck you, Nicole. You're lucky Ashe warned me and I only read the first line, but considering you summarised it right there it doesn't exactly help matters. There is no fucking excuse for being so totally fucking dumb.

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Friday, 27 June 2008 05:02 am
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Hands up if you received the OCK renewal email today.

Yeah, so did I. And it is SO FULL OF SHIT. This whole scheme is nothing but a rip-off. They're basically telling us that giving them more money over a longer period of time, and getting all our friends to give them (note: NOT THE BAND OR THE LABEL - THE FAN CLUB) money is what makes us the worthiest fans. Well, I call shenanigans and decided to haul them up on their bullshit.

Bullshit from the OCK Newsletter )

My response:

I actually panic-bought my membership renewal a few months ago and was charged an extortionate amount of postage for an appallingly poor-quality bandana and a pathetic, out of focus re-printed photograph from years and years ago. You couldn't even be bothered to have it signed. From what I recall, I was charged $20 or so (almost as much as the membership) for postage and packing for an envelope that had $4.50 on the front. What did the rest of the money go on? Because it sure as hell wasn't the rest of that rubbish you sent in it. I guess the only option left is that it's a quick way of profiteering from the fans even more. Given the choice, you could have kept the cheap tat and I would have kept my postage.

The majority of fans I know gave up their memberships because of the new tiered scheme and I wish I hadn't bothered myself. It's a rip-off and I'm guessing this is why you've had to extend your offer period. The fact that you're now playing the, "Oh, but the band think it's cool" card to win the rest of the fans over is actually pretty insulting and makes me question whether they either a) really understand what you're doing or b) if they are more concerned about ripping off the kids than I ever expected.

What you provide for this money is pitiful. A website with content which is always leaked within a day of it being posted and the remote possibility that you might, one day, get 30 seconds across a table with the band? You don't even allow individual pictures anymore! Is that the best that can be done? Do you really think that this kind of clap-trap doesn't go unnoticed? It's even worse for the people outside of the US. We don't even have the option of being involved in the flyaways and videos and yet we still pay the same amount.

This entire concept and email smacks of desperation. It's unprofessionally, inarticulately written and offensive to anyone with any intelligence (do I need to remind you that not all of the band's fans are under fifteen?). You are actually implying that the 'best' fans are the ones who can con friends into spending money on your company, rather than the ones who will actually get their friends to go to concerts, buy the actual records and support them in the way a band should be supported. That's frankly disgusting.

I really hope that the band aren't involved the way you say they are, because I will have lost a lot of respect for them. I've certainly lost all respect for the Overcast Kids as an organisation and won't be renewing next year. Not unless something sincere is done to rectify the absolute crap we're being palmed off with at the moment.

I have worked in Business Development (Customer Service and Marketing) as an account manager for years and I'm actually starting to wonder if you have a single individual experienced in either field employed to work on this. If you do, I strongly suggest you show them the door and find a replacement, or this whole ship is going to sink pretty fast.



If you're an OCK who got the email and is as pissed off as some of us are, don't just take it - TELL THEM SO. They are only going to get away with this is we let them. The fact that they're using the boys and saying they're all for it to make people think it's okay isn't okay.

What they give us for our money - especially non-Americans - is absolutely shit and they're going to keep on ripping us off because they can and we'll take it.

Don't just sit there complaining to your friends - say something to the people who need to hear it.

Edit: And this is what I said to Pete )


Edit 2: This is from my credit card statement - copied and pasted:

16 Apr 2008 ARTIST ARENA LLC - £25.89

Bearing in mind that the dollar is routinely equivalent to just under half the pound. That means they charged me around $50 for my membership, which should cost $29.24 (and that is all they sent me a receipt for). The other $20 was just postage on something that cost them $4.50 to send me. Julie will confirm this - she was here when I received the envelope (yep, envelope).

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008 11:57 pm
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Now, Pete Wentz. I slag off the guy a lot. I do, and I know that.

But fucking hell. I am SO. SICK. AND. TIRED. of people slagging off him and Ashlee and wishing that he was still an emotional wreck.

In particular, [ profile] truefobinglove has an article about how he's grown up, he's not on the meds anymore, and how he has changed as a person. And the first comment?

The ever-intelligent [ profile] kooku4u:

blah blah blah ashlee depression happniess blah.

dude stfu.

She then goes on to try to defend her position, and fails with:

and i don't not believe skimming the article and realizing it is nothing that interests me qualifies as a pissy fit.

Because 'telling' the guy to shut the fuck up because he happens to talk about his actual life as it is now, rather than how it was three years ago, in an interview is the epitome of tact and diplomacy.

You know what? Hating the fact that - for what seems like the first time in his life - the guy is to some extent ACTUALLY HAPPY, is unimaginably pathetic. Hating the fact that in interviews he gets asked about Ashlee, instead of about Jeanae, is a waste of energy and without any comprehension or foresight whatsoever. If they go ahead with this marriage, and it sounds like they will, you will be hearing about it for a long time to come. It will be a big part of what their future lyrics will be about, you can be pretty sure of that. So the best idea, right now, is to just fucking accept it - or go and listen to Panic at the Disco. Ashlee, in her relationship with Pete, seems to have done nothing at all to make the fans believe that she is going to hurt, demean or in anyway have a detrimental effect on his wellbeing. Yes, together they may be a publicity machine, and no, I don't much like that either, but I am SO. FUCKING. TIRED. of people having to find fault and feeling that it's their right and their place to drive some imaginary wedge between them.

The greatest irony is that the same person who will bitch incessantly about Ashlee is the same person who insisted on defending Patrick's girlfriend when she did actually do something humiliating and childish (interrupting him, trying to get him off the phone and loudly announcing they were 'leaving, now' DURING A RADIO INTERVIEW THAT WAS POSTED ONLINE BY THE STATION!).

How about you guys who feel such a sense of authority and entitlement over Pete's relationship STFU, instead of telling Pete to because a journalist asks him about his life in an interview?

The day she humiliates him in public you might have some foundation for it, but until then, just stop, for the love of fuck. Either accept who he is now and who he's with, or move on; either ignore the article and don't comment, or read it and deal with the content.

"The thing that gets me is when people get nostalgic for that person. They come up and say, 'Pete, you've changed. We miss the old you.' Four years ago, I would have put a bullet in my head. Do you really want that person back? He wasn't that great a person."

Right now? You're one of those people.

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Thursday, 21 February 2008 10:24 pm
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So, Joe is understandably a bit pissed about the dude who won the Civic not keeping it. Therefore, all the FOB fans in the world are running around crying MARRY ME PEET! FOUL! FOUL! BURN THE HERETIC!

Now, I wish - as much as anyone else - that a genuine fan who would have loved it and called it Ryan George had won that car. It would have been a nice little awww moment, as some rich college brat won an unattractive motorvehicle signed by Pete Wentz, that fat dude and the two from the backing band. It would. Warm fuzzies, fluffy MySpace pooches and cupcakes all around.

But it wasn't. The guy who won it was a dude with a family who took his perfectly legitimate winnings, and exchanged them for something he could make better use of. Which to me, sounds like a reasonable idea. The car dealer he made the exchange with is now recouping the cost of the guy's chosen SUV in auctioning the Civic.

And the fans? The fans are absolutely appalled that neither of them donated the entire $30,000 to charity.

Yes, the kids think that by rights, this money belongs to charity.

I'm sorry, but no. A man had a stroke of luck, and he used his good fortune to his advantage. How do any of us know his financial situation? Maybe he was desperately in need of a new car for his five kids? I'm always being told that Americans REALLY, REALLY, HONESTLY NEED GIGANTIC GAS-GUZZLING MEGA-CARS, OKAY? because their public transport sucks. So maybe the win was a damn stroke of luck for him and his family.

So, if we assume for a minute that the guy now in possession of the car - the dealer, who has already parted with money in the shape of the SUV - is the person now responsible, do we expect him to give his entire earnings to charity? In the current US climate? Would you give away $30,000 to charity right now?

Don't get me wrong: I find it disappointing that someone who'd really appreciate the car didn't get to drive it away. But expecting someone - either of these guys - to give fairly and legitimately obtained revenue to charity just because everyone else is jealous that they didn't win (but wants Joe to like them by agreeing with him in his pissy mood) is plain ridiculous.

I believe that 95% of us would 'give it a go' in a competition, and if we won the prize we couldn't directly use, sell it on or profit from it however we legitimately could. The greatest sin this man has committed is possibly not appreciating the illegible silver sharpie on the doors. He probably never really expected to win. And how do any of us know that he didn't actually totally fucking love the car and wanted to keep it, but simply couldn't justify it when it provided an opportunity to provide a more practical form of transport for his kids?

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll have reason to say it again, but so many of the kids who call themselves Fall Out Boy fans are nasty, self-centred, irrational little cunts. A lot of the people making wild, judgemental comments over there are adults.

Fucking hell.

Why do we have to share the planet with idiots?
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Dear Flist,

Here's the thing, I will support you through anything, provided it doesn't hurt yourself or others.

Do not expect me to stand by and let any of you - because a number of you have pulled this bullshit, recently - do something which is detrimental to your health without vehemently calling you out on your total stupidity.

And don't you DARE get mad when I do because all I want is for you guys to like and respect yourselves, not make ridiculous and inappropriate gestures that will never achieve anything positive.

You are all worth so much more than that.

Yours furiously,

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Sunday, 20 January 2008 03:52 pm
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You know what disgusts me? People I know believing every word an obviously unhinged, lying attention-seeker spins.

You know - you fucking know deep down that this person isn't real and that the things they churn out are false, self-obsessed bullshit. You're probably forcing yourselves to ignore it because you don't want to believe that this person could have sucked you in so badly.

It really disgusts me. I like to believe that the people on my flist are intelligent enough to know when someone is being genuine - and I've been sorely disappointed by people I liked and respected. Therefore, I'm going to be taking a couple of people off of my flist.

People who are foolish enough to be sucked in by this childish, obnoxious brat are not worthy of my time.

And if you think for a minute that someone who cares more about catching a TV show than their own child, and finds that a greater motivation, is a good person you really, really need to reasses your moral priorities.

If you're in support of someone who harrassed, bullied, emotionally blackmailed and hurt my friend, I no longer want anything to do with you.

Fuck off.

Oh, and if she hasn't spoken to her since October, how did they go to a fucking show together in November?


Friday, 26 October 2007 12:13 am
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Madeleine sketch shows 'abductor'

The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have released images of a man they believe abducted their daughter in May from a Portuguese resort.

The artist's sketches show a man with dark, greasy collar-length hair and wearing a purple or maroon top with beige trousers, carrying a child.

The images were drawn by an FBI-trained forensic artist using details from a friend of the McCanns.

The friend saw the man but did not link him to the disappearance at the time.

Madeleine, from Rothley, Leicestershire, vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz days before her fourth birthday.

Her parents Gerry and Kate were named as official suspects in September.

Jane Tanner was among a group of friends who dined with them on 3 May when they left Madeleine and their two other children asleep in an apartment nearby.

Blank face

Ms Tanner described the man she saw as aged about 35 to 40, 5ft 6in (1.7m) tall, and of slim build.

And the child he was carrying was described as wearing the same pyjamas as Madeleine.

However, his face has been left blank as Ms Tanner was not certain about some details.

The images were commissioned by private detectives working for the McCanns, their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said.

"This is another important phase of our investigation into Madeleine's abduction and we hope that this picture will be a very important reminder to anyone who was in the area on that night who may have seen this man."



What utter concocted bullshit. Why has this only been mentioned now? Why did she not say this earlier? Because fuck me, if I'd been involved in this scenario and I'd seen some fucker carrying a kid in the same pyjamas I would have been pretty fucking suspicious and actually said something at the time. I seem to remember them saying there was a man of about 5'10" seen carrying something wrapped in blankets, at first. Why was this guy not mentioned then?

The parents did it. I'm fucking telling you - as I have been all along - that hard-faced bitch did it. I actually actively hate the McCanns and want to see the twins taken from them - they shouldn't be allowed to keep them after losing the eldest in these circumstances because it was totally fucking negligent!

These people disgust me.

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Thursday, 25 October 2007 07:41 am
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What the fuck, dude? When did they start limiting our notifications?

I haven't been getting mine for ages, and you know why? Because you only get the following PER MONTH:


I'm a mod on LOADS of communities on here - I need those notifications to be unlimited! What am I paying them for?
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Any little shit who plans on signing the petition about the 'Co-Host With Dirty' competition can fucking tell me now so I can defriend you.

[ profile] pyraterose is already gone.

I'm sick of the self-pitying bullshit from people who didn't deserve to win in the first place - and probably wouldn't have done. You self-centred, self-righteous little cunts. It's the arrogant little shits like the people behind the petition who don't DESERVE to be anywhere near the band. If I was in Fall Out Boy and I saw what you were doing I'd call the whole fucking competition off. I wouldn't even want to look at your bitter fucking faces across a table for ten seconds.

I hope that they reject any entries from people who signed and give the remaining people fucking fantastic prizes.

You make me sick.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2007 05:50 pm
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I would like to make it known that [ profile] xinfinityonhigh stole my icon, the fucker.

Edit: actually, I retract that because she was very polite and removed it as soon as she was asked.

[ profile] musictoyourlips created the base and gave me the permission to use it, but I made the additions. AM NOT AMUSED. If you see any of my icons used by anyone else, please let me know so I can stab them in the throat.



Saturday, 1 September 2007 10:33 am
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This little bitch needs her head hacked off with a blunt teaspoon.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007 12:32 pm
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I hate today. Seriously.

So far:
- I'm training another new person, who will not have shit figured out by tomorrow. Or possibly, ever.

- I don't think I'm going to get tomorrow off work for this reason, which means bringing in all my crap to get changed and go to Decaypants. Which means kicking the girls out of my house at 8am and not getting to Hammersmith until around 4pm.

- it's going to be shit weather tomorrow anyway.

- I doubt I'm going to get Thursday off, either and this means no hair cut. No hair dye. And looking like Wentz (complete with fucking near-mullet) all weekend. This is really, really pissing me off in particular.

- because I'm training someone, my own work is going to bollocks and I was only just starting to get on top of it.

- two people have already booked holiday in October, so, once again, I can't have the time off to go to Chicago. And, oh hey, they did the same thing the week of the Madison Square Garden show, so no NY show either.

- I haven't finished tidying my room and I have visitors arriving from 7.30ish.

- I never, ever get period pains. Except today. And - oh hai concert tomorrow!

- I've decided that I'm not going to be kind to people any more. Ever. Fuck everyone. Especially people I'm pretty sure abuse it.


Wednesday, 1 August 2007 06:48 pm
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Here's the thing: if you post a video of a celebrity on the internet on a public forum like a messageboard, and it gets reposted, you have no fucking right to complain. End of. You put it on the internet, now face the consequences. If your head is stuck so far up your own arse that you can't see the rest of the fandom deserves to see it as much as the OCKs do (and I am an OCK myself) you deserve everything that is coming to you, you self-righteous, pompous fuck up. Especially as I sincerely doubt you ever even asked Stumpy if you could film him doing drunken karaoke in the first place.

If you're not even the person who posted the video, but are putting words in their mouth and flaming people who didn't even understand where the original video had come from or that anyone ever wanted it to be private because it was posted in a public forum, then keep the fuck out of it. You're not 'protecting' or 'defending' anyone, you're being a prick for the sake of the drama. No exceptions. There are ways to make a point without LIEK RESULTIN 2 CAPSLOCKZ OMFGZ.

You people sincerely make me sick. If I find anyone flaming like that again, I will make sure they are removed from any community I moderate. Seriously. I've already banned two people because they are not the kinds of individuals I want around.

Just get your heads out of your arses and your attitudes out of playschool and we'll be fine.


Monday, 23 July 2007 11:34 pm
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Posting celebrity LJs where random fangirls can get to them for the people said celebrities know, rather than actual interest: not cool.

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