Wednesday, 3 August 2011

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Potentially cool news, today - Paramount seems to be going ahead with a remake of Stephen King's Pet Sematary - a film I was somewhat obsessed with for a while, during my early teens.

It's the story of a young family who move to rural Maine, and find that their house is adjacent to a former Micmac burial ground, which has dark powers to revive the dead - although anything buried there comes back 'changed.'

Within the film, there is a character called Victor Pascow - a college student, if I recall - who dies in the arms of the family's physician father and returns as a ghost with half his head missing/falling off, to keep Louis from making terrible choices.

The second I saw it was being remade, I thought, "Caleb NEEDS to be cast as Pascow." He's the right age for the character, he does creepy magnificently (see: The Last Exorcism - no, literally, see it... but ignore the ending) and he's already so pale he'd have no trouble working the not-so-recently deceased look. He's also about the right level, success-wise.

He would genuinely be FUCKING AMAZING and a couple of people I know from outside the CLJ fandom have already agreed on that. So, now I'm spamming the movie sites with the suggestion, in the hope that Paramount pick up on it.

Feel free to join me in doing so...

Caleb (looking quite young, as it's a couple of years old)

Relatively minor cinematic gore in character photos )

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