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So, we originally went into London to see Phil at the First Direct Dialogue Festival. Less than an hour before the show, he tweeted me (! -- he doesn't really @reply people, but I'd tweeted to say we were going and tagged him in it) to let me know it had been cancelled. We went to find the venue anyway, which in itself was hidden in a way which left us really confused, to see what was going on, and someone who worked in another part of the building said they hadn't sold enough tickets, so it had been called off.

At a loss for what to do, and not wanting to come all the way back to Brighton immediately, we decided to head down to Leicester Square and see if there was anyone giving out flyers for comedy nights (there usually is). By a massive, massive fluke, it turned out that Phil was also performing at the Comedy Store (as far as we can tell, he was aiming to do three, if not four separate shows over at least two, possibly three venues, tonight, because he's back on for the 11pm show and ran out of the venue with his guitar as soon as we'd got outside, apparently going somewhere).

We talked to the bouncer outside and by total luck, managed to get the last two tickets, which someone had left on the door for resale. We got in at the end of the first act, and got to see Jeff Innocent and the truly awesome Doc Brown before Phil came on.

He was absolutely brilliant. Some familiar material from older shows we'd seen before on YouTube and clips on TV, but live it brings a completely different feel to it. There was a point where he chased a man out of the room because he was going to the toilet during the show, and then when he came back, Phil climbed on his chair, sang him a song and put his crotch in his face. The man, brilliantly, started to undo Phil's jeans in response. By the end of the gig we'd all seen his rainbow-striped banana hammock, but after the dream sequence in Holy Flying Circus, I suppose it's a bit tame, all things considered.

I was amazed by his ability to get a room full of Brits to sing along to The Only Gay Eskimo. In fact, he got a retired (?) policeman who was there with his wife, daughter and son-in-law to get up on stage and sing a chorus solo. It was bonkers. But brilliant. And hilarious. And totally worth the fucking around with the Dialogue Festival.

All in all, an awesome day. Would totally go to see him live again.

Also, he looks rather attractive with a beard.
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L-R: Darren Boyd (John Cleese), Charles Edwards (Michael Palin), Rufus Jones (Terry Jones ♥_♥)
Steve Punt (Eric Idle), Tom Fisher (Graham Chapman), Phil Nichol (Terry Gilliam)


If you didn’t watch it, go to iPlayer, or a torrent site, and find Holy Flying Circus — a comedy drama about the Pythons and the censorship battle over Life of Brian — and watch the fuck out of it.

I was always a huge Michael Palin fan (for those unfamiliar, the Nicest Man In The World Second Picture), ever since I saw him running around in a loin cloth playing an ex-leper, but I am now officially a huge Terry Tewwy Jones (third picture) fan. I especially like the idea of him as Michael Palin’s wife. It’s a fannish wet dream, I promise you. There’s a kiss and everything.

And I also now really fancy Rufus Jones, who played Terry. I want him to be my manwife with fake tits.


And from a later post...

I have to admit... my little shipper heart is already building a little backstory about fictional!Mike and fictional!TerryJ getting together in University and how in the context of this film, Terry totally knows that John is in love with Mike, but he's pretty laid back about it because Mike is The Nicest Man In The World and there's no way he'd reciprocate, because "John is the Annoying One" anyway...

…and the whole thing with Terry as his wife is a running joke amongst the Pythons because as soon as they get in the front door they’re such an old married couple, even though they’re completely private about it outside the house.

The whole thing could be so utterly, gloriously ridiculous.

Is there literally nothing my little slasher brain will not fuck with?


If you haven't seen this already, I will provide it for you. You NEED TO SEE THIS.

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