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Drawing John Cleese is weird. It's like... you spend ages drawing him and it looks nothing like him, and then all of a sudden, you'll put in one like and BOOM. There he is.

Eric is a little bit scratchy because my hand got so tired and he was the one I drew last.

I think I'm happiest with Graham and Jonesy.

Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam

Also, have a gif of Rufus!Terry because I am in love with him, now. I wish there was better reference material so I could do an ensemble of the Holy Flying Circus versions...

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So, I bought a tablet recently and I hadn't really used it, so at about 2.30am this morning I decided what better time to do it.

What resulted is this half-finished sketch of the Pythons, in their Holy Grail costumes, but out of character during filming. Graham was a bastard to draw because in the reference photo he doesn't really look like himself to begin with. Also, drawing people with their mouths open is really hard. Managed to choose a picture in which half of the subjects have their mouths open. Well done, Rosie.

I haven't actually drawn anything properly in ages, so I'm massively out of practise, but this hasn't turned out too bad.

Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, John Cleese
Click for larger image
rosiedoes: (Pythons: Blue)

L-R: Darren Boyd (John Cleese), Charles Edwards (Michael Palin), Rufus Jones (Terry Jones ♥_♥)
Steve Punt (Eric Idle), Tom Fisher (Graham Chapman), Phil Nichol (Terry Gilliam)


If you didn’t watch it, go to iPlayer, or a torrent site, and find Holy Flying Circus — a comedy drama about the Pythons and the censorship battle over Life of Brian — and watch the fuck out of it.

I was always a huge Michael Palin fan (for those unfamiliar, the Nicest Man In The World Second Picture), ever since I saw him running around in a loin cloth playing an ex-leper, but I am now officially a huge Terry Tewwy Jones (third picture) fan. I especially like the idea of him as Michael Palin’s wife. It’s a fannish wet dream, I promise you. There’s a kiss and everything.

And I also now really fancy Rufus Jones, who played Terry. I want him to be my manwife with fake tits.


And from a later post...

I have to admit... my little shipper heart is already building a little backstory about fictional!Mike and fictional!TerryJ getting together in University and how in the context of this film, Terry totally knows that John is in love with Mike, but he's pretty laid back about it because Mike is The Nicest Man In The World and there's no way he'd reciprocate, because "John is the Annoying One" anyway...

…and the whole thing with Terry as his wife is a running joke amongst the Pythons because as soon as they get in the front door they’re such an old married couple, even though they’re completely private about it outside the house.

The whole thing could be so utterly, gloriously ridiculous.

Is there literally nothing my little slasher brain will not fuck with?


If you haven't seen this already, I will provide it for you. You NEED TO SEE THIS.

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