Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mmm, weekend.

Saturday, 12 March 2011 02:29 pm
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God, I'm loving this weekend - apart from one obvious, serious aspect.

Had a day off yesterday and went up to Kilburn to see Iko play an accoustic set. By 'Iko' I really mean Neil and Kieran, the two members of the band who used to be in Buffseeds. They still introduce me to people as 'Buffseeds' biggest fan' which is adorable. We engaged in a little Euro Millions lottery syndicate and they played one of their old songs, Sparkle Me, deliberately disguising it on the set list so I would be surprised when they played it. I cried a little bit and remembered more of the lyrics than Kieran did - and he wrote it!

This morning, I got up, watched more news about Japan - the only really dreadful and sad part of the weekend, so far; something I really don't love about this weekend (a lot of my colleagues and our clients are from or based in Japan) - and made some American-style pancakes with bacon, eggs and maple syrup. Best pancakes I've ever made.

Later, we're going to see Paul (for the fourth time) with our friend, Faye, and then out for some food. Although I can barely stand to think about food, right now - so full. I'm supposed to be going to two separate birthday parties tonight, as well, and was invited to a third which I definitely can't make.

Tomorrow, I'm probably just going to sleep my face off. And watch The Boat that Rocked. *success!baby face*
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A little bird tells me someone needs a wahmbulance. *snork* I'm just going to get my tiny violin, brb.

Went to see Paul again. Still love it. The Odeon here was absolutely plastered in posters from the film, upstairs. They've changed the screen to a bigger one, strangely, because none of the three viewings we saw there were sold out.

Afterward, we went to dinner at a Thai place called the Giggling Squid, which was really good, but we decided we didn't want to have dessert there. We were wandering across the Lane, talking about how we wanted a place that was just for desserts, turned a corner, and there was a brand new place called Cloud 9, which just does ice cream, cakes and teas and stuff like that. Peanut butter ice cream. Fuck yes!

We've also been discussing something very cool, which would be a huge project and I don't want to talk about too much right now. Not until we have everything in place. But if it comes off, it will be epic.

Very enjoyable day, all in all. :)

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