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Thursday, 5 January 2017 11:45 pm
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Since [livejournal.com profile] distortedmya hasn't been around, I'm really struggling to write.

I feel like Fear of the Dark part three was dropped when I got it out of the sink and is now in a thousand pieces and I hace noe idea which part should go where.

I usually start my timelines after writing the story, to keep track of what happened, but Im having to write it in advance, this time, to fit it all together and work put what I need to do. Some of it will be repurposed from the eight thousand words or so that I already have, but I really think I need some new scenes which tie the Patroh thread with the magic thread. Something to prepare for part four, which is when the mystical shit hits the proverbial fan.

TWNW 21 is also proving tough to hit the right tone on. I know what essentially needs to happen, but getting it there is tricky, which is why I'm working on FOTD.

I guess it's a kind of writer's block and I just need some time away from it. Maybe this weekend I'll do some of my Bardic Grade coursework, instead.

Also, tomorrow is Bear's and my fourth anniversary. FOUR YEARS. He remains my adorable little bucket of dad jokes and cute aggression.

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