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Monday, 10 October 2011 11:14 pm
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So, I know I've been quiet for a while, but I return to promote something awesome.

Those of you familiar with X-Men: First Class (or Miley Cyrus *cough*) will know Lucas Till, who played Havok. Well, when he's not hula-hoopin' like a boss, Luke and his friends -- primarily Jason Trost, who writes and directs -- make indie films. To date, they have put together VS, a superhero movie which is described as Kick Ass meets Saw, and Vacation 8, which I affectionately dub 'The Beachception'.

Luke (Cutthroat) & Jason (Charge)
Official VS Promo Poster

Prior to making either of these, Jason and his older brother Brandon also made a film which is currently doing the rounds at festivals -- if you're in New York you can see it on October 14th. The film, called The FP, is a parody played 100% straight, in which rival gangs duel for supremacy of their shit mountain town via the medium of Dance Dance Revolution (or, officially, Beat Beat Revelation).

Jason as JTRO in The FP

In short, these kids are amazing and hilarious and awesome and I have a bit of a massive crush on Jason. I admit it. I truly do. He's precious.

BUT HERE'S THE THING!: In order to make their next film, There and Back -- directed by Jason and produced by Luke and fellow Disney boy, Tony Oller -- they've been raising money via IndieGoGo. With just 11 days left, they are down to the last $750 or so. I've personally donated $100 to the cause, but they still need more or the project will strike out and they won't receive any of what has been accumulated so far. They have all of their own kit and will do all of the work themselves, all they need is the help to get to Asia to make the film.

Each value of donation comes with a reward. You might get a signed postcard thanking you, or a download of the finished film -- if you can donate $50 or more you'll be credited on the IMDb page for the film. BUT THERE'S MORE! If you make a donation of any value, and then let the boys know, they will personally Skype you to say thanks. Genuinely. Here are some videos of them being goofy and explaining how.

If you can't personally donate, then please help spread the word. This is something I really want to see succeed and they're so close to making it -- it would suck to see them fail at the very end.


Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

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