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Monday, 10 October 2011 11:14 pm
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So, I know I've been quiet for a while, but I return to promote something awesome.

Those of you familiar with X-Men: First Class (or Miley Cyrus *cough*) will know Lucas Till, who played Havok. Well, when he's not hula-hoopin' like a boss, Luke and his friends -- primarily Jason Trost, who writes and directs -- make indie films. To date, they have put together VS, a superhero movie which is described as Kick Ass meets Saw, and Vacation 8, which I affectionately dub 'The Beachception'.

Luke (Cutthroat) & Jason (Charge)
Official VS Promo Poster

Prior to making either of these, Jason and his older brother Brandon also made a film which is currently doing the rounds at festivals -- if you're in New York you can see it on October 14th. The film, called The FP, is a parody played 100% straight, in which rival gangs duel for supremacy of their shit mountain town via the medium of Dance Dance Revolution (or, officially, Beat Beat Revelation).

Jason as JTRO in The FP

In short, these kids are amazing and hilarious and awesome and I have a bit of a massive crush on Jason. I admit it. I truly do. He's precious.

BUT HERE'S THE THING!: In order to make their next film, There and Back -- directed by Jason and produced by Luke and fellow Disney boy, Tony Oller -- they've been raising money via IndieGoGo. With just 11 days left, they are down to the last $750 or so. I've personally donated $100 to the cause, but they still need more or the project will strike out and they won't receive any of what has been accumulated so far. They have all of their own kit and will do all of the work themselves, all they need is the help to get to Asia to make the film.

Each value of donation comes with a reward. You might get a signed postcard thanking you, or a download of the finished film -- if you can donate $50 or more you'll be credited on the IMDb page for the film. BUT THERE'S MORE! If you make a donation of any value, and then let the boys know, they will personally Skype you to say thanks. Genuinely. Here are some videos of them being goofy and explaining how.

If you can't personally donate, then please help spread the word. This is something I really want to see succeed and they're so close to making it -- it would suck to see them fail at the very end.


Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

X-Men: First Class

Sunday, 5 June 2011 10:24 pm
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I've been waiting for this film, but I went into it not totally expecting it to be awesome.

The short of it: I was very pleasantly surprised. It's a much more rounded plot than Thor, and it serves well as the first film of an arc - enough exposition without being all exposition.

Plenty of slashigay for us to enjoy as well.

Planning on seeing it again, and that's all I'll say. Go see it.
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I has an internetz!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010 09:11 pm
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God. I am back. It's been a nightmare only being able to get online on my phone. I never check LJ from there because the screen is so tiny and if you try to post you have to do it in a box an inch square.

We are now in the new house! Hurrah! It is much bigger than the old place, although I do feel a bit lost with all the space. We now own a big, squishy green sofa and a blue armchair, too. Since we've been here, it has snowed more than I've ever seen in the space of a year. Getting to work tomorrow is going to be more than a little bit ridiculous. No matter which way I walk, it'll be uphill.

Work is exactly the same as it was a few weeks ago. They keep telling me I'm amazing but I have still seen no payrise or official promotion. :\ I did get a bonus for "going above and beyond" when I arranged the company Christmas party, which was nice.

Christmas sucked because I had a reaction to the smoke cloak issued by the intruder alarm at work - and then I got a cold on top of it. New Year was weak because my plans went tits up. Not a great start to the year, but I did make up for it with lunch with Matthew and Wild Things Weekend with the girls.

Wild Things Weekend involved myself, [ profile] shiny_starlight, [ profile] supercasio and [ profile] fadefromblack, food, zombie escape plans being taken very seriously, confusing Matthew with unsolicited texts about not wearing red shirts in the event of a crisis, awesome food at the best buffet restaurant you will ever go to (honestly, it's like a palace of nom), lots of goofing around and feeling sick from over eating on the beach and then... Where the Wild Things Are.

Now, I'm not going to spoil this, but I do have to ask, "Who the fuck thought this was suitable for children?" It's fucked up! At one point I thought the kids in front of me would start screaming, it was so dark and creepy. It was also insanely depressing and had an air of a film that had significant scenes missing - like bits had been edited out for rating approval. So fucking weird. I would like to see a Director's Cut of this one, because I feel like so much is unclear.

But anyway - that's the update. How have you all been?

I am so old.

Sunday, 15 March 2009 10:47 pm
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[ profile] shiny_starlight: [about Sebastian Bach] Who does he remind me of...? His voice. I think it's Shaggy.
[ profile] icedmaple: He sounds like Bill & Ted.
[ profile] shiny_starlight: Yeah, a bit. We must show Matte those films - and The Goonies - when she next comes down. I can't believe she hasn't seen them even if they came out before she was born.
[ profile] icedmaple: [cries]

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Sunday, 2 November 2008 11:52 pm
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Quotes of the night:

[Stanford goes to stab a metal spike with an American flag on it through the baD guy's throat]

Me, with Julie joining in on 'Justice': TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY... SERVED!

[Creepy dude is hunched over the kid's mother's body, eating her heart]




[Stanford staggers back across the desert, filmed through the flickering flames]

Julie: And through the fires of hell came...


[Randomly at the end of the film]


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Sunday, 2 November 2008 11:21 pm
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Hey, [ profile] ashe_frost! Stanford was... actually quite good in The Hills Have Eyes. I'm pleasantly surprised.

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Friday, 31 October 2008 10:09 pm
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Julie and I have a large bowl of sweets and no trick or treaters. So we're watching Donnie Darko by candle light and munching candy. By a weird fluke, we just realised it's 20 years today from when this is set.

My throat has been inflamed and sore for days, but today it actually kills like a motherfucker and I saw how swollen it is in the mirror. Not stopping me from eating a ton of crap, though.

And Jake Gyllenhaal? Creeps me out, because he's in his twenties, convincingly sixteen, looks a lot like my brother and is oddly attractive.


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Tuesday, 30 September 2008 06:45 pm
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This dude is like a professional red shirt. He played Markham in SGA, he played a dude who got shot on his wedding day in BUGS, he was a zombie doctor in Resident Evil...

Julie and I used to run a website called The Camera Obscura, which was about underappreciated actors, and we were working on a few but it was originally inspired by Joe, and a guy called Boyan Vukelic (who was Stackhouse in Atlantis). We just both shrieked and flailed at the screen when we saw him.


I kind of wish we were still doing the site, now. Maybe when I get a job again we'll reclaim it. We still have all the info.

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Thursday, 7 February 2008 12:24 am
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So, this Satanic Emo Cult film they're thinking about Wentz and Joel Madden for?



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Friday, 25 January 2008 12:56 pm
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So, I have no fucking idea what it's about, but does anyone want to go and see Cloverfield, sometime?

I know there aren't many of you in London, these days, but srsly. SOCIALISE.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2007 10:43 pm
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To all the people who kept telling me that The Breakfast Club was the most awesome film ever.


What a pile of utter bollocks.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2006 08:32 pm
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You want answers? Here's answers:

01. We are still in the desert. JARHEAD - a quote from the end of the movie.
02. Ladies' man is a man's man; geek grew up hot; geek is freak; momma's busy; no life; bug's life. CSI: LAS VEGAS- as Kitty guessed, the characters (Nick; Warrick; Greg; Katherine; Sara; Gil).
03. Ah wish ah knew where to git them shirts. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN - no, really. I like the shirts.
04. You'll bawl, but none of them were actually musicians. BAND OF BROTHERS - you will cry. And none of them play music, so the Band part is kind of a lie.
05. You know they've got each other's fucking hair, right? X-MEN - a long-held peeve of mine: Bobby was short with dark floppy hair in the comics; [St] John, tall with blond curls.
06. Let us never speak of season two again. - SGA - 'nuff said.
07. Now you know what we are, now you know what this film is. - THE LOST BOYS - a bastardised quote *wipes blood from mouth while silhouetted on a hill*
08. Meh. Feh. Heeeee!!?!?!!111! (It's not a sentence, I know) - TOP GEAR - May. Clarkson. Hammond.
09. Simple (gay) creatures. - DOGMA - Bartleby always calls Loki a 'simple creature'.
10. {Knife stabby}...{wobble} - DONNIE DARKO - now you get it, right?

Answers caught by:

1. [ profile] ashe_frost, [ profile] klo_the_hobbit, [ profile] shiny_starlight, [ profile] sassygirl & [ profile] scoobygang63

2. [ profile] shiny_starlight, [ profile] scoobygang63

3. [ profile] ashe_frost, [ profile] shiny_starlight, [ profile] sassygirl

4. No one.

5. [ profile] ashe_frost

6. [ profile] ashe_frost, [ profile] klo_the_hobbit, [ profile] shiny_starlight, [ profile] shippygem, [ profile] scoobygang63

7. No one.

8. [ profile] shippygem

9. [ profile] ashe_frost, [ profile] shiny_starlight, [ profile] sassygirl

10. [ profile] sassygirl
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And before I sleep, one last spammage:

Summarize ten of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friends list can guess these fandoms!
(And I ran out of actual fandoms, so there's some favourite films/TV shows in there)

01. We are still in the desert.
02. Ladies' man is a man's man; geek grew up hot; geek is freak; momma's busy; no life; bug's life.
03. Ah wish ah knew where to git them shirts.
04. You'll bawl, but none of them were actually musicians.
05. You know they've got each other's fucking hair, right?
06. Let us never speak of season two again.
07. Now you know what we are, now you know what this film is.
08. Meh. Feh. Heeeee!!?!?!!111! (It's not a sentence, I know)
09. Simple (gay) creatures.
10. {Knife stabby}...{wobble}

Comments are screened so you can't cheat. #5 is so cryptic I only expect [ profile] ashe_frost to get it.
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Today was cool. As Kitty was over for a war film night (which was segued into with the aid of Monty Python's Camp Drill Squad), yesterday - which was... so far as the films are concerned, disappointing. Aside from playing 'Spot the Bloke From Something Else' and mocking it horribly, Saving Private Ryan wasn't up to much; Catch-22 was alarming in the changes from the book (DUNBAR!) and Kitty and I decided we'd be much better at directing and scripting it than the existing attempt. See cut for ranting.

OoooooOOOOOoooooooooohhhhh! )

So, in order to recouperate from the horror of bad novel-adaptions, and realising my garden is now Centre Parks for Arachnids, Kitty and I set off for a wander on Hampstead Heath, where we spent much time laying on the grass in a clearing in the woods and laughing at the half-naked men playing frisbee. And a small and confused toddler. And a man on springy stilts who kept coming past us and hovered around as if he wanted us to speak to him. We didn't.

After quite a long time lazing around, we made use of my Pigeonsense™ and found our way back to Spaniards Inn, where we ate potato, and sweet potato (!), wedges. The latter of which tasted like caramel doughnuts and were rather horrid. However, the staff and the food there is very good, and although it's a way out of town I'm thinking of having my birthday there in November. Just an evening of drinks... It's a short bus ride from Archway or Golders Green...

Generally, it was a nice day. Very good to get out in the countryside.

Ony problem now, is that I want to start reading Catch-22 again to remind myself what it should really be like! It only took me EIGHT YEARS the first time...

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